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Nov 9, 2023

Why visitor feedback is essential to your visitor management strategy

Your visitors are an invaluable window into the success of your workplace’s first impression. Have you asked them lately what they think?
Fayette Fox
Why visitor feedback is essential to your visitor management strategy

You’ve put a lot of thought and care into your visitor management strategy. You’ve made your reception area inviting with comfortable furniture. You’ve trained your front desk staff to warmly greet visitors. And perhaps you’ve even created a helpful welcome guide for visitors, with directions to your office, how to connect to the WiFi, and where to find the restrooms.

But what do your visitors really think of your workplace experience? Are you making a positive first impression or is something lacking? As always, the best way to find out is to ask.

Workplaces need to think as much about post-visit feedback as they do about the information they give visitors ahead of their visit. This feedback is an important way to improve visitor experience and collecting it can be easy with the right workplace technology. Here are ways to gather this crucial visitor feedback.

What kind of visitor feedback should you collect?

How can you make sure you’re giving a great first impression to everyone who visits your workplace? Whether people are coming to your office for a meeting, interview, or to repair your HVAC system, it’s key that they have a positive workplace experience and leave thinking highly of your company.

Of course, there’s always room for improvement. To ensure your company is making a positive first impression, gather visitor feedback on their experience of your workplace’s amenities, environment, service, and wait time. Find out what made their visit special and what fell short.

One way to gather feedback is via a post-visit survey. This helps to find out what’s working well and what needs a bit of fine-tuning. For example, your welcome guide can be continuously refined and tweaked with this visitor feedback. Maybe the parking info was unclear or the public transit directions could be better fleshed out.

Improving on these details will help your visitors arrive at your workplace prepared, on time, and feeling more relaxed about what to expect once they do.

People want –– and expect –– to give feedback

These days we review everything from pizza places and rideshare drivers to towels and vacuums. People expect that businesses will give them the opportunity to provide feedback. Offer visitors an easy way to give feedback that’s integrated with your visitor management system.

Automated surveys make collecting feedback a breeze 

While it’s a great practice for your reception staff to ask visitors about their workplace experience as they’re leaving, it’s also hugely useful to gather feedback in a more systematic way. Some digital sign-in apps have a feature that automatically emails visitors a brief survey about their experience at your company. In addition to lightening the load for your front desk staff, visitors are more likely to be honest when giving anonymous feedback.

How to implement the feedback

If your visitors appreciate the complimentary coffee in your reception area, keep the java flowing. If they’re frustrated by your lengthy sign-in process, you can use workplace technology like a digital sign-in app, to check them in quickly and securely. For example, a visitor management app can streamline sign-in, allowing visitors to sign a digital NDA (non-disclosure agreement) or other forms, on an iPad. The paperwork is then automatically, digitally stored, eliminating work for your front desk staff. A quality visitor registration system also has the ability to take — and retake — a photo of your guests, print visitor badges, provide info in multiple languages, and automatically notify hosts.

Your visitors are an invaluable window into the success and impact of your workplace’s first impression. Don’t miss an opportunity to leverage these insights to enhance the experience for future visitors and employees alike.

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Fayette Fox
Fayette Fox

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