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The key to making hybrid work? Experts say it’s flexibility and employee choice

Catch highlights from an Envoy webinar on hybrid work, with leaders from Cisco and Relativity.

Chris Appelgren
By Chris Appelgren Digital Marketer

In the recent webinar, Hybrid work: ask the experts, leaders from Cisco and Relativity came together to discuss the benefits and challenges of hybrid work

A hybrid work model bridges remote and on-site environments so that employees can work together with ease. Success requires investing in workplace technologies as well as clear communications and processes.

Our expert panelists dig deeper into each of these topics, drawing from their own experiences as workplace leaders. Keep reading to learn more about them and what they shared in the webinar.

Meet the speakers

Angelika Mathur is Global Director of People Communications at the tech company, Relativity. She describes her role as encompassing “all internal communication supporting the executive team, including their cross-functional and crisis communications.”

Leslie Bamburg is Senior Manager of Hybrid Workplace Experience at Cisco. She took this role because, in her words, she was “drawn to the future of hybrid work and how we’re shifting our workplace experience.”

Product Marketing Manager Madison Stein also joined as host.

Webinar highlights

Here are a few highlights from the webinar with Angelika and Leslie. 

Q: How are you thinking about making employees feel safe?

Angelika: “The way we kind of did it from day one was to be as transparent and communicative as we could be, leveraging our leaders’ voices.”

Q: What changes have you made to the physical workspace to accommodate return-to-office plans? 

Leslie: “Cisco was working in a hybrid model before the pandemic and was already well equipped for video conferencing and providing the right environment for people to be working hybrid. So we’ve focused on health and safety.”

Q: Have either of you experienced the “Great Resignation?” 

Angelika: “Anybody who says they’ve not experienced it is either not paying attention or not telling the truth. The key thing that is happening right now is a realignment of values. People are aligning their lives and their work to their values. The more a company can be flexible and allow people to work remotely or relocate, the more they’ll keep people and be appreciated.”

Want more hybrid work insights from our expert panel? Watch the full webinar recording.

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