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12/15/21 10 am PST

Hybrid work: ask the experts

Live Webinar 12/15/21

Hybrid work bridges the remote and on-site environments so that employees can work together with ease. Making it work requires an investment in technologies, clear company-wide communications, and a plan for managing workplace traffic.

Join us for an exploration of the benefits and challenges of enabling a flexible hybrid work model with Leslie Bamburg from AppDynamic and Angelika Mathur from Relativity, in conversation with Envoy’s Madison Stein.

During this webinar, you'll learn:

  1. The types of technology needed for hybrid work
  2. The importance of communications
  3. How to ensure productivity with a distributed workforce

Angelika Mathur

Global Director of People Communications, Relativity

Leslie Bamburg

Global Head of Employee Experience & Communities, AppDynamics

Madison Stein

Product Marketing Manager, Envoy