Mar 5, 2021
Nov 9, 2023

Leaders from Density, Openpath, and Bindle talk hybrid work tech

Leaders from Density, Openpath, and Bindle discuss how integrations can help keep teams safe, connected, and productive in a hybrid work model.
Chris Appelgren
Digital Marketer
Leaders from Density, Openpath, and Bindle talk hybrid work tech

What are the benefits of integrating workplace tech? How can we streamline workflows to help employees be more efficient? We invited industry leaders from Density, Openpath, and Bindle to talk about solutions to these questions. They also shared their take on how technology can keep teams safe, connected, and productive. Here’s who joined the chat:

  • Brent Heddons, senior manager of solutions engineering at Envoy (moderator)
  • Adam Sewell, vice president of global sales at Density
  • Dave McGuiness, head of business development at Openpath
  • Gus Warren, CEO and co-founder of Bindle Systems

Read some highlights from their conversation below or watch the recording.

A connected workspace enables a better employee experience

Companies use many systems and tools to run their workplaces. By integrating these technologies, you can help employees work more efficiently whether from home or in the office. For example, integrations can solve issues that take their focus away from work.One thing that came up in our conversation was the hassle employees often experience when booking a meeting room. As Sewell shared, “People often say, 'Conference rooms are a total mess!' But by integrating your workplace platform with a tool like Density, you can monitor conference room capacity and gain additional insight into how often your rooms are used.”McGuinness said the ability to integrate tools has been vital during the pandemic. He explained that integrating with Envoy has enabled Openpath to, “expand beyond visitor management, which is still critically important, into self-attestation and dynamically turning on credentials for employees and visitors.”Integrated tech is even more important in a hybrid work landscape. You should evaluate your tech stack and invest in workplace tools that help employees work together efficiently no matter where they’re located. We talk more about this in the webinar.

Integrations are a win for companies, too

With the vaccine rollout in motion, more companies have started to think tangibly about returning to the workplace. How they should optimize their real estate investments and approach employee health and safety are just some of the topics that are top of mind.McGuiness said the support of technology makes him optimistic about going back to the office. “Advanced technologies are no longer a nice-to-have but something companies really need in order to operate and adjust [to changing needs] in real-time.”Sewall thinks investing in the right workplace technology is a win-win for employees and their companies. “A workplace that’s more adaptable, healthy, and flexible will ultimately drive a better employee experience and support the company’s bottom line.”—Interested in hearing more about what was discussed? Watch an on-demand recording of Building the hybrid workplace: the new tech stack. You’ll hear more about the topics covered here and discover how integrated technology can support a hybrid work model.

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Chris Appelgren
Chris Appelgren

Chris is a digital marketer at Envoy, where he produces webinars with industry thought leaders and helps people discover new content. He's passionate about music and loves to make art and skateboard in his spare time.

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