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Workplace Tech Talk: 6 new technologies that are modernizing workplaces

Technology has the power to revolutionize workplaces.
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Workplace Tech Talk: 6 new technologies that are modernizing workplaces

Heads up. The modern workplace is rapidly evolving. So it's important for businesses to stay up to date with the latest tools and technology trends. While some new technologies help workplaces level up to become more appealing to prospective candidates, others allow leaders to make more informed business decisions. And some technology simply makes the workplace a more enjoyable and comfortable place for employees and guests. From interactive office maps to eco-friendly technology, there are plenty of innovative solutions helping companies improve the way they operate. In this month’s Workplace Tech Talk, we’re taking a look at six new technologies modernizing workplaces and helping companies create more engaging, comfortable, and productive workspaces. Let’s get started.

1. Interactive office maps

Interactive office maps are a key technology that can help both new and seasoned employees navigate the office. Many workplaces are spread over multiple floors, including dozens of meeting rooms and desks. By providing an interactive map that employees can pull up on their phones, workplace leaders can help their folk quickly navigate around the office and find the space or people they need. Office maps can also enhance the overall workplace experience because they provide useful information, such as what meeting rooms are available, where coworkers are sitting, or where first-aid and supply closets are located.

2. Workplace analytics

A workplace analytics dashboard is another essential technology for today’s workplaces. Workplace leaders rely on data that tells them how people use their space. For example, they might want to know how many employees sign in onsite on any given day so they can plan things like meeting room availability or food orders. Now take a step back even further. Business leaders can use workplace data to also make important real estate or space saving decisions. For example, if one part of a workplace is being underutilized, it might make sense to convert it into a different type of workplace amenity.

3. Eco-friendly technology

Eco-friendly technology can play a big role in helping businesses and workplaces go green. Eco-friendly tech like LED lighting, smart thermostats, or energy-efficient appliances can not only help businesses reduce their carbon footprint, but they also help workplaces save on operational costs.

Bonus tip: Eco-friendly workplace technology can be an appealing incentive for prospective candidates. These tweaks improve the overall workplace experience and showcase company values to future employees.

4. Smart office furniture

Smart office furniture takes ergonomic desk chairs one step further. This kind of high-tech furniture is equipped with sensors, software, and other technologies that provide real-time data on how the furniture is being used and can automatically adjust itself to improve comfort. These enhancements can improve the overall work experience by making the office much more comfortable for employees. For example, a smart chair could detect when the person sitting is feeling too cold and automatically adjust the temperature. Hello, warm and comfy desk chairs! Or a smart desk lamp can adjust the lightning when there’s less natural light in the office.

Bonus tip: Couple your smart desk furniture with a desk booking system to create a great workplace experience for employees. They’ll be able to choose a desk based on smart features or amenities and truly maximize their comfort and productivity while they’re onsite.

5. Biometric access control

Most workplaces or facilities have some way of knowing who comes in and out of their workspace, whether it be through a visitor management system or an old school pen and paper log book. But modern workplaces can improve that experience with biometric technology. This technology includes features like facial recognition or fingerprint scanning that can instantly identify the person and grant them the right level of access to a workplace.This technology can also help workplace admins get rid of clunky badges, enhance security, and make it a lot quicker for employees or visitors to enter the workplace.

6. Video conferencing software

For hybrid companies or companies with a distributed workforce, it’s important to be able to have face-to-face meetings even when people are in different locations. Video conferencing software like Zoom or Teams are essential for any modern workplace to be able to connect beyond workplace walls. In fact, according to our recent survey of 240 workplace leaders, 63% of companies invested in conferencing technology in 2022. And 25% of companies plan to invest in conferencing technology in 2023.Video conferencing technology is critical to enabling hybrid work models and remote meetings. It also improves the overall employee experience. Employees are able to collaborate and meet with coworkers much easier if they are armed with the right technology.–Introducing new technology to employees is important for making sure your workplace is in line with competitors. Plus, it helps improve the overall workplace experience for employees and leaders alike. In order to level up your workplace technology, audit your existing tools, assess your workplace needs, and talk to employees about what they would like to see improved in the office.To learn more about how to stay ahead of new workplace technology, check out our Ultimate guide to office technology, and check back soon for next month’s Workplace Tech Talk.

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