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Meet 3 HR leaders guiding their organizations to a hybrid work future

I recently wrote about three workplace leaders inspiring the future of work. As we think about how the pandemic has changed work, we can’t forget the folks who work day in and day out to transition their companies to hybrid work models: HR admins. 

You’re responsible for making sure hybrid works for employees and their organizations. You have to work efficiently because you have a lot to accomplish and your company depends on you to create great experiences in all parts of the business. That includes the candidate experience, onboarding, and return-to-office planning. You also know the importance of staying on top of your game, and learning from others in your space is one of the best ways to do that. So, without further ado, meet Nickle LaMoreaux, Christy Lake, and Melanie Collins. 

1 – Nickle LaMoreaux: Chief Human Resources Officer at IBM

“The hybrid model is an opportunity to forego habits that no longer serve people and companies well.” – Nickle LaMoreaux via LinkedIn

What Nickle posts about

  • #futureofwork and #flexibility 
  • Articles she’s featured in, like this Harvard Business Review piece on hybrid work
  • Women in the workforce

More about Nickle

Nickle has not one but two decades under her belt at IBM. In that time, she’s worked her way up from her role as Recruiting and Talent Manager to her current position as Chief Human Resources Officer. At IBM, Nickel’s focus is on the future of work and the hybrid workplace. She also cares deeply about building a diverse and inclusive workplace; you can catch her posts on closing the tech skills gap, returning to work, and retaining talent. Follow Nickle on LinkedIn

2 – Christy Lake: Chief People Officer at Twilio

“The job of a CHRO is to know what’s happening with people at all levels of an organization, and the insight they can share is something that no one else is as equipped to provide.” – Chris Lake, via HFA 

What Christy posts about

  • Behind the scenes culture at Twilio 
  • Thought leadership on women in the workplace
  • Recommendations for digital conferences and events 

More about Christy

Christy’s resume includes companies like Hewlett-Packard, HP, and Box. She has held roles including Global Head of HR, SVP of HR, and VP of HR. In short, heading up people teams is nothing new for Christy. Today, she oversees the global People team at Twilio, one of many companies that have adopted a hybrid work model. As a woman in the C-suite, Christy shares content to help empower other women in the workplace. Follow Christy on LinkedIn.

3 – Melanie Collins: Chief People Officer at Dropbox

“The pandemic presented the world with a chance to reset in many ways, and for us sparked a tremendous opportunity to fundamentally, and meaningfully reimagine how we work.” – Melanie Collins, via LinkedIn

What Melanie posts about

  • Thoughts on how to create a flexible experience for employees
  • Insights into Dropbox’s reimagined workplaces, “Studios”  
  • #workflexibilty and #employee experience

More about Melanie

Rather than enter the new era of work with the same offices, Dropbox has decided to give employees more flexibility and completely recreate the on-site experience. Melanie has been a key leader in helping the company transition to this flexible new work setup. Online, she often shares about the importance of remaining people-centric as work evolves. Want some good reading recs on all things and the future of work? Follow Melanie on LinkedIn.

Your work as an HR admin is critical to your organization’s success. That’s nothing new. But moving into an era of work that is defined by flexibility and a great workplace experience, it’s safe to say your role is more important than ever. 

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