Nov 30, 2021
Jan 2, 2024

Your invitation to a healthy, productive 2022

Learn how to welcome visitors back safely in the near year with these tips.
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Your invitation to a healthy, productive 2022

The start of each new year always sparks hopes of growth and change. In 2022, those are not just hopes. They are certainties. Across all industries, companies are undergoing rapid transformation. They are not just reopening their offices. They’re redefining the very concept of a workplace. Companies have to assure their employees and project confidence to the market, despite literally learning as they go. Many companies have already welcomed employees back to the workplace. They’ve implemented new health protocols in order to do so. Others have announced plans to open back up early next year. Chances are, your employees register for work differently than your guests visit your building. A successful reopening requires a comprehensive solution for workplace health, safety, and security. That includes all the people, property, and ideas inside your building.

Welcome visitors back to the workplace

As the new year rolls around, workplaces should prepare for an influx of visitors. Particularly for those occasions where face-to-face is crucial. For example, conversations with investors, board directors, and major clients are often more effective in-person. That’s why 90% of corporate board members have already resumed on-site meetings. And why a third of them plan to hold all future meetings in-person only. Corporate events are also scheduled to return in full force. Many events originally scheduled for 2020 have been pushed out multiple times. This means next year, we can expect a sharp rise in conferences, company celebrations, networking events, and more. This is largely why global business travel is expected to rise 37% in 2022, surpassing $1 trillion. Preparing for those events involves visits from vendors, partners, and clients in the months leading up to the event.

Have a plan for contractors and remote staff

The pandemic has taught us all to be more adaptable. From Zoom weddings to virtual on-site interviews, traditional norms have evolved. These days, flexibility can make or break where top talent chooses to work. Younger generations entering the workforce expect hybrid perks. As of this year, most of the older generations do, too. For many companies, this means bringing on more contractors. Experts predict the gig economy will soon become as common as traditional full-time employment. These contractors are not exactly visitors, nor are they permanent employees. So how do you make it easy for them to safely come on-site?

It’s time for a visitor management system

As a workplace leader, you need to ensure your employees feel comfortable coming to work. At the same time, your company should always make an exceptional impression on visitors. Visitors who may or may not know your company’s policies. You need a solution thorough enough to instill trust and confidence. And seamless enough that visitors don’t feel like they’re going through airport security. The best visitor management tools allow workplaces to uphold high security standards while providing a smooth and pleasant experience. Invite, screen, and register visitors without piling more work on your front desk staff. Show visitors that they’re not only invited back to the workplace; they’re welcomed enthusiastically.

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