Nov 19, 2019
Nov 9, 2023

Introducing three new updates to help you manage multiple offices

Say hello to new tools and dashboards your workplace team can use to stay organized and informed across multiple offices.
Jillian Smith
Product Marketer
Introducing three new updates to help you manage multiple offices

When a company expands into a larger office or sets up shop in a new place, it’s a sign things are going well. Suddenly more people are working on more projects in more places, so more work gets done and the company can grow even faster.

Yet, as a workplace manager overseeing teams and offices in many places, staying in the know and keeping processes in sync now seem to take twice the effort. To have the time to focus on creating an exceptional workplace experience, you need to know what’s happening across the offices you manage and be able to roll out changes at a moment’s notice.

Today we’ve launched three big updates that empower you and your workplace team to stay organized and informed as the number of offices you manage grows.

Organize your locations with groups

As the list of offices you oversee grows, you’ll naturally start to organize them in a way that makes sense to your business—that could be by country, region, or even business unit. Now you can group your locations in Envoy to match the structure of your team or business, so it’s easier to manage a collection of office locations at once.

Group your locations to manage a collection of offices all at once.

Once you’ve created a group of locations, you’ll notice you can filter your visitor log as well as your analytics dashboard by group to get granular insight into what’s happening at those locations.

Filter your visitor log by groups.

You can also use groups to get new administrators set up faster. Now, when you add a new administrator in Envoy, you can make them an administrator at all of the locations in a group in one click, so you can move on to the next pressing project faster.

Make an employee an administrator at multiple locations at once.

Learn more about creating and managing groups of locations.

Make smarter decisions with global analytics

Spotting patterns and trends from one office or entrance to the next is difficult, especially when you aren’t physically there. Rather than check each location and attempt to string together insights, now you can see all of your data into one view.

Now you can get a holistic view of how your company manages visitors with the new analytics dashboard in your global overview. See at a glance how many people visit each location and for what reason throughout the year, so you can make data-driven decisions about how many security guards to staff or how much lunch to order.

Get insight into your visitors and sign-in process across all the locations in your company.

You can also get insight into how your locations compare when it comes to security and compliance. View how many visitors sign out as well as how many security alerts—due to a block list match or rejected ID—are triggered at each location, so you can take action to fill in any gaps in security.

See a full list of the security alerts triggered across your offices.

Learn more about using global analytics to get smarter about managing your visitors.

Empower your team with a holistic view of their offices’ visitors

Your workplace team needs to know what’s happening at the offices they oversee. However, finding the time to check on who’s visiting, when, and why can be difficult between supporting employees and putting out that day’s fire.

Now your Location Admin can see at a glance who’s visiting across all the locations they manage, so they can stay informed while keeping their other work moving forward.

As a Location Admin, get a holistic view of who's visiting when and why across the locations you manage.

Learn more about using the locations overview to see what’s happening office to office.

As your company and team grow, there will inevitably be more to keep an eye on and added pressure to keep work moving. By empowering yourself with tools that help you see the big picture and act more quickly, you’ll be able to create a welcoming and secure experience for all who set foot in your offices. Learn more about Envoy's multi-tenant visitor management system.

If you're currently using Envoy Premium or Enterprise you can start using these features today. If you're not on one of these plans, contact our sales team to learn how you weave these tools into your growing offices.

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Jillian Smith
Jillian Smith

Jillian helps workplace leaders solve problems and keep their offices running smoothly. She's passionate about unlocking delight through technology and creating great experiences.

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