Nov 17, 2020
Nov 9, 2023

Introducing new data retention options that put you in control

Jillian Smith
Product Marketer
Introducing new data retention options that put you in control

Finding the right balance between workplace health and safety and people’s privacy has never been more essential. There’s more pressure than ever before to ensure only healthy people come on-site. At the same time, 37% of people say they would quit their job if their employer mismanaged their data.You face a dilemma: do you empower your HR and workplace teams with more data so they can make informed decisions about who should enter the office? Or do you keep this information private to prevent any chance that it’s mishandled?Now you can control which visitor and employee responses you retain with response options.

Keep what you need; keep the rest private

To protect your workplace and support the people in it, there’s a range of information you need from visitors and employees. Some information, like if someone has a fever, may need to stay private. Other information, like what time they plan to arrive or if they will be eating lunch, is essential to creating a great experience. Now you can determine which responses to your sign-in and health check to save or discard. You can opt to save or discard all responses or manage what data you retain on a question-by-question basis. This way, you can find the right balance of supporting employees in the workplace and respecting their privacy.

Envoy dashboard user interface

We know that each company will have different levels of comfort around what data they retain. Deciding what information to keep and make visible to your team is now up to you. You can use this flexibility to make more smart decisions about workplace safety, protect visitor privacy, and support your employees in new ways.

Understand why employees fail your health check

Determining who should and should not come into the workplace isn’t always black and white. Deny entry to anyone who’s traveled recently, and you risk stifling the productivity of people who pose a low threat to workplace safety. In these situations, context matters and can help you make better decisions about who to allow in the office.If you choose to save the responses to your health questionnaire, your team can see employees’ responses in your visitor log. Your workplace or HR team can use this information to determine if the employee should stay home or if it’s ok for them to come to work.

Envoy dashboard showing two employees who failed their health check and why

Keep visitors’ health information private

The US government and European Data Collection Board state that organizations may collect personal data to prevent the spread of COVID. That said, companies may want to take extra precautions to mitigate the risk of mishandling sensitive data.Now you can choose to discard visitors’ responses to your sign-in flow questions as well as employees’ answers to your health check. This way, you can reassure visitors that any information they provide stays private to them. You can also rest assured that you’re taking all necessary steps to keep their data safe. Learn more about how Envoy protects data and privacy.

Envoy dashboard showing two visitors whose response were not retained

Find out how employees plan to use the office in advance

Before the pandemic, you likely had a full team of workplace and security folks on-site ready to support employees. Now that fewer employees and support staff are in the office, it helps to know who plans to work in the office when and why. Knowing your employees’ plans can help you better support them and meet their needs while they’re there.Now, if you ask employees what time they plan to arrive or if they’ll need lunch in your health check, your team can see their responses in your dashboard. See at a glance when and why people will be in the office, so you can make a plan for how you will support them while they’re there.

Envoy dashboard showing two employees and what they responded to sign-in questions

Response options are available to companies on an Envoy Premium or Enterprise plan. Head to your dashboard to get started or learn more about our plans here.

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Jillian Smith
Jillian Smith

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