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Everything you need to set up your visitor management system

Easily keep track of workplace guests with visitor management software and a few key pieces of hardware.
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Everything you need to set up your visitor management system

We know keeping your employees and guests safe is a top priority for you. There are a few ways to make that happen, starting with setting up a visitor management system in your lobby.

As the name implies, these solutions help companies keep track of everyone who comes through the front door with visitor management software and a few simple pieces of hardware.

You can easily sign-in visitors digitally at your organization with just an iPad, badge printer, and a few other helpful accessories. Let’s take a closer look at what goes into visitor management systems and how you can set up your own.

iPad and stand

There are a couple of ways to power your visitor management system, but our device of choice is the iPad. iPads are common, reliable, and easy to use, making the sign-in process quick and familiar for your guests. Choosing an iPad is beneficial because it not only speeds up the sign-in flow, it also creates a great experience for your visitors.

Depending on the design of your workplace, you can place the iPad sign-in directly on top of the front desk for easy access, on the wall, or on an iPad stand in the lobby. Consult and explore ADA best practices to ensure your iPad is accessible to all employees and visitors. Because iPads are popular, there is no shortage of holders or stands at varying heights that can be placed to maximize accessibility, fit your budget, and align with your brand.

Badge printer

Visitor badges are a great way to identify authorized visitors in your space. Custom branding provides the opportunity to immediately convey your brand. You can add your logo, fonts, and company colors––the perfect way to create a good first impression.

If you select a visitor management solution that takes visitor photos, badges can also display the image of your guest. This adds an extra level of security to your sign-in process. If your host gets automatic visitor notifications, photo badges also make the host more comfortable finding their visitor in the lobby if they’ve never met before in person.

If you’re looking to provide visitors with physical printed badges you’re going to need a badge printer that is compatible with your iPad sign-in software.

Visitor badge rolls

After choosing your badge printer, you’ll want to make sure that you have the right labels to fit your needs. The three primary types of printable badges you can choose from include plain white, custom full color, and expiring badges.

Plain white badges arrive blank, and your logo and visitor information print in black when visitors sign in. Custom, full-color badges arrive with your logo printed in color. Most visitor management solutions offer the option to design your own custom badges. If you don’t want to handle the design, you can choose from a classic look that just requires that you upload your logo.

Expiring badges change in appearance after one day to ensure people don’t use them to come on-site in the future without an invitation. Expiring plain white badges arrive blank with your logo in black, but the word ‘void’ appears in red after 24 hours when the visit is over.

Visitor badge holders and lanyards

Although printable badges have adhesive backings, many organizations provide guests with badge holders and lanyards. These options keep badges from getting lost while also keeping them fully visible at all times.

Choosing the right visitor management software

So there you have it! Those are all the core components of any effective visitor management system. If you’re ready to implement a digital sign-in, the only thing left to discuss is which visitor sign-in app is right for your workplace.

To get set up, simply create an online account, download the Envoy Visitors app, and pair your iPad to sign in your first guest.

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