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Nov 9, 2023

7 tips to create a safe visitor experience—before they even walk through the door

Crafting a safe visitor experience starts before your guest arrives. Here are 7 tips to create a safe visitor experience, before they even walk through your door.
Madison Stein
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7 tips to create a safe visitor experience—before they even walk through the door

It’s just as important to create a safe visitor experience as it is to warmly welcome guests to your workplace. The two should go hand in hand. Doing so not only protects your visitors but also safeguards your entire team and your workplace.Crafting a safe visitor experience starts well before your guest arrives. You have to know who is coming onsite in advance so your team can take the necessary precautions to make sure everyone stays healthy. By using a visitor management system, your team can prepare for every interaction, before anyone enters your workplace.You can help prepare your visitors too. Providing important day-of information lets them know what to expect and helps to ensure they feel comfortable coming to your workplace. This is key to making sure that they stay safe and healthy—and they have a great experience.Here are 7 tips to create a safe visitor experience, before they even walk through your door.

1. Invite visitors ahead of time using your visitor management system

As soon as you know you’re expecting a visitor to come, you can help prepare your team and your guest by inviting them through your visitor management system. There are a number of benefits to this, as well as having an appointment-only policy. First, it takes some of the manual work off of your team by automating parts of the process. Second, it provides a welcoming first touchpoint for your visitor. Most critically, it helps your team prepare. When your visitors pre-register it gives your team a view of how many people will be in your space so you can make sure you're not over capacity.

2. Get visitors the info they need to make their arrival seamless

Inviting visitors ahead of time kickstarts this process by sending them an email with the information they need for their visit. With Envoy, you can customize that email to include tips on how to arrive, where to park, or what they should expect onsite. You can also set up a customized welcome email to send right when a visitor signs in. Share information like your Wi-Fi password and emergency procedures so your visitors feel prepared.

3. Share health and safety info in advance

Along with info to make their arrival seamless, you can also include important health and safety information with visitors. This will make sure they feel comfortable coming to your workplace. It will also show that you’ve thought through these important protocols and reduce your visitor’s arrival anxiety.

4. Provide effortless access to your workplace

In addition to sending key arrival info, you can also provide effortless access to your workplace by integrating with your building’s access control system. Does your workplace use a system like Kisi? If so, you can help visitors navigate through security checkpoints with ease by providing a QR code or other mobile-based access key. You can also create a completely touchless arrival for your visitors by providing a QR code to use at sign-in. This creates a frictionless check-in experience while giving your visitors, and employees, peace of mind.

5. Learn more about guests before they arrive

Require that visitors share critical information before they come on-site. This includes data like their recent travel history, general health, and their reason for visiting. Plus, if you need guests to sign any documents or take their photo, give them the opportunity to do so in advance. After all, no one likes leaving their personal information at the front desk. This way, when they reach your lobby, all they have to do is scan their QR code from their invite to make it known that they’ve arrived. You can use a visitor management system to collect data and send your NDA automatically when you pre-register guests. This way your visitors will have ample time to answer questions—and you can make sure that you’re protecting your team and your guests in advance of the meeting.

6. Make sure your team is prepared

When you pre-register your visitors with Envoy, your admins get access to a complete list of who is coming on-site and when. This includes details like their photos, why they’re visiting, and any important info you need to know before they arrive. Your team can identify busy periods and make sure you have the proper resources in place to screen and welcome your guests.Visitor data also helps your team know how many people are on-site. Managing capacity regulations is a legal requirement. And maintaining the appropriate amount of social distancing space has become critical to our health.

7. Do security the welcoming way

Use a platform like Envoy to automatically screen visitors when they're invited. Then get notified when guests don't meet your criteria to come on-site. With Envoy’s blocklist feature, all visitor screening and security alerts happen instantly and discreetly in the background. Your visitors feel welcomed and you keep your office safe. Nailing the visitor experience starts before they step foot in your lobby. By using a visitor management system you can pre-register visitors, automate the process and provide an exceptional experience for your guests. Doing so makes a great first impression, and keeps your team, workplace, and your visitors safe, especially in times of crisis. Sign up for Envoy Visitors today to get started.

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