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7 actionable tips for wowing your workplace visitors in 2022

A memorable visit requires many different steps coming together to create one wow-worthy experience. Here are tips to get you started.

Tiffany Fowell
By Tiffany Fowell Content Marketer

Encouraging guests to come to your workplace starts with creating a great visitor experience. Until recently, many workplace teams have been focused on the employee experience. But now that more companies are reopening their offices to visitors, it’s time to think about how to ensure everyone—including guests—have a seamless time in the workplace.

A memorable visit requires many different steps coming together to create one wow-worthy experience. Not sure where to start? We’ve pulled together some tips to help guide you through.

Tip 1: Digitize the sign-in experience

An enjoyable, hassle-free visitor experience starts with ditching the pen and paper visitor log. Instead, choose visitor registration technology that streamlines all of the steps of guest registration from a sleek iPad at the front desk (or a mobile app for a touchless experience). This will allow you to shift your focus from logistics to ensuring your guests feel welcome and at ease in the workplace. 

Tip 2: Have guests certify that they’re healthy before they arrive

Health and safety remain a top priority in the workplace. To encourage guests to accept their invite on-site, conduct a health screening or ask them to submit their proof of vaccination before they arrive. They’ll feel more at ease knowing you’ve taken measures to keep everyone on-site safe and healthy.

Tip 3: Keep the lobby clutter-free

Treat your lobby like you would your home when you have guests over. A clean, well-organized lobby reflects well on your company as a whole. On the flip side, a messy, disorganized space can leave a bad first impression. Set the right tone by tidying up the lobby every day—or multiple times a day, if necessary. 

Tip 4: Upgrade your waiting area

Building on the tip above, your lobby shouldn’t be an afterthought. It should be designed as thoughtfully as any other part of the workplace. Beyond comfortable seating, provide guests with refreshments, reading material, and company swag to take home. Finally, don’t underestimate the importance good lighting can have on creating a welcoming environment. 

Tip 5: Give visitors fast, secure access to WiFi

Some guests will need access to the internet while on-site. To grant WiFi access securely, use a WiFi provisioning service. This will provide each of your guests with a unique WiFi network and password credentials. They’ll have easy access to the internet without compromising your network’s security.

Tip 6: Show off your brand

Make it clear whose lobby your guests are in by incorporating your brand’s colors or adding design elements that show off your company’s values. For example, at their headquarters in San Francisco, Samsara’s front desk looks sleek and streamlined, like its brand. They’ve incorporated a few stand-out features, including an LED sign of the company’s name. 

Tip 7: Tailor your visitor experience by visitor type

The mark of a best-in-class visitor experience is customization. You might welcome candidates differently than you would business partners or vendors. Note which visitor types are most common and think through the end-to-end experience for each. For example, you may have a business partner sign an NDA upon arrival, while a vendor might only have to sign in to be recorded in your digital visitor log. Your recruiting team might greet an interview candidate to give them a welcome package and escort them to a meeting room. 

Remember, your guests didn’t come to the workplace to sign NDAs, fuss over WiFi, or wait long in the lobby. By ensuring their visit is seamless from start to finish, they’ll be able to focus on the purpose of their visit. If you follow the tips above, they’ll leave the workplace with their expectations not only met, but exceeded. 

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Tiffany Fowell
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