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5 tips for choosing the right iPad sign-in app for your workplace

Selecting your visitor management solution is simple. Here are five tips to help guide your iPad sign-in app purchase.
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5 tips for choosing the right iPad sign-in app for your workplace

If you often accept visitors into your workplace, chances are you have a guest sign-in system in place. This often comes in the form of a pen-and-paper logbook, but it can also come in the form of an iPad sign-in app, which helps you digitally keep track of everyone who comes through your front door.

When you’re deciding which iPad sign-in app to choose, it’s best to base your decision on what features work best for your business. Ask what the product offers and how it will help you meet your visitor management needs.

We aren’t just talking about the needs you have today–think about how your needs will change as your business evolves. What you may consider less crucial today may turn out to be extremely important down the road. Find a solution with forward-looking features to help you create a successful workplace experience as your company scales.

If you’re new to the iPad sign-in app game, the idea of picking one can be intimidating and perhaps overwhelming. Here are 5 tips to help guide your workplace sign-in app purchase.

1) Go with an intuitive sign-in flow

Create a great first impression by welcoming visitors in a unique, memorable way. Your iPad sign-in app should have a clean design, easy to follow steps and fast execution time.

Make sure that you’re getting an all-in-one solution that will replace your legacy tools, from pen-and-paper logbooks to cameras to scanners. In addition, it should let you set-up different sign-in flows for a variety of different visitors.

2) Let your brand command attention

Consistency is a major tenet of visitor management. You want a sign-in app that lets you brand the process from beginning to end. This includes adding your company logo and colors along with videos and GIFs.

You’ll also want to go the extra mile to enhance the workplace experience by extending the customization process to visitor badges. These badges contain necessary information like visitor name, date, time, visitor status, Wi-Fi credentials, and legal document signing status. This makes your office look professional while making your visitors feel welcome and taken care of.

3) Avoid frustration with pre-registration

You can’t go wrong when you go with a sign-in app that lets you pre-register guests. An invite is sent prior to their visit, giving the front desk a heads-up as to who will be arriving while also providing the visitor with helpful details about their visit.

It also alerts your security team so they’re up to date on who is expected onsite and authorized to enter the building. What’s more, sign-in is expedited as the visitor’s details fill in as they type their information on the iPad.

4) Heed the need for legal document speed

Your office may require visitors to sign a non-disclosure agreement (NDA) or waiver to protect intellectual property and maintain compliance regulations. The right sign-in app lets you upload digital legal documents that can be signed directly on the iPad in person or before a visitor even arrives. This process not only saves invaluable time, but the collection of digital signatures makes record keeping a breeze.

5) Ensure the sign-in app works with your stack

Your sign-in app should work seamlessly with the technology your company already uses. Look for integrations that you know will compliment your visitor management philosophy and enhance the overall experience.

You’ll also want a solution that can communicate with employees on their preferred platform, like Salesforce, Slack, and Google Hangouts. Finally, you’ll maintain one source of truth for security when you’re able to sync the iPad app with your existing security systems.

app wrap-up

Selecting your visitor management solution is simple. The right sign-in app should be easy to use, offer customization options, allow you to pre-register guests, provide for digital signatures on legal documents, and integrate with your technology. To see if Envoy is the right one for you, sign up for a trial.

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Envoy Author
Envoy Author

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