Visitor management systems and your workplace

Visitor management can help you increase security,stay compliant, and simply know more about who's onsite.

Visitor management systems and your workplace

What is visitor management?

Visitor management is any process that helps an organization keep track of the people that visit their location. Policies can vary by organization, facility type, industry, or geographic location.

For some organizations, simply collecting the visitor’s name is sufficient, but others have higher security requirements—like badges, legal documents, employee escorts, and more.

What are visitor management systems?

What are visitor management systems?

Visitor management systems are tools that help organizations create or carry out their visitor management policies. As companies realize the value of visitor management, many are upgrading from the paper and pen sign-in sheet to a digital visitor management system that can help them do much more.

What is visitor management?


A visitor signs in on a tablet or computer

When a visitor arrives, they enter their name and details, snap a photo, and digitally sign documents.


The employee gets notified about their guest

The visitor management system automatically alerts the correct employee that their guest has arrived.


The employee greets their visitor

The employee knows who to greet in the lobby, making awkward meetings a thing of the past.

Key features to look for

Simple sign-in process

Digital sign-in is easy and allows you to customize questions and fields.

Digital visitor log

Digital visitor records are secure and can be accessed anytime, anywhere.

Host notifications

Automatic notifications save you time and decrease wait times for visitors.

Digital legal documents

When legal documents are part of sign-in, they'll get signed every time.

Badge printing

Automatic badge printing makes it easy to enforce badge policies.

Visitor photos

Capturing photos lets you see who's in the building and who to look out for.

Custom branding

Showcase your logo and branding for a polished, professional look.


Registration lets everyone know who’s arriving and when.


Integrate visitor management systems into your existing workflows.

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