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To help companies in their office planning, we analyzed millions of employee desk and meeting room reservations from over 16,000 workplaces across the globe. Here’s what we found out.

Check out five hybrid work best practices you should follow to help your company and employees get the most out of this flexible model of work.

Employees agree that the return has been an unexpected win. And many are thriving by changing up the routine.

A workplace platform can help your organization stay resilient and prepared for new tools and technologies.

A workplace platform offers a solution to the loss of productivity and distraction that comes with having too many tools. Here are 6 key benefits.

A workplace platform can help your organization reduce unnecessary spend, become more connected, and improve the employee experience.

Advancements in workplace tech is great! But having too many tools—or worse, tools that don’t connect with one another—is not. Enter: workplace integrations.

Office hoteling is growing in popularity. But what exactly is it? We’ll give you a clue: it’s in the name. In this post, we’ll explore the value of office hoteling, including the benefits it can bring to your organization.

Wondering what people leaders are thinking about in today’s world of work? Here’s what’s been on the mind of Envoy’s Chief People Officer since returning on-site.

We’ll walk you through the steps to create a trusted and scalable way to verify your employee’s vaccination status.

We brought together four inspiring workplace leaders, and an audience of workplace professionals, to hear their return-to-office (RTO) insights. Here's what we learned.

Like any work model, there are pros and cons to hybrid work. Explore the upsides and downsides of this flexible work model.

800 workplace leaders share the incentives and changes they are employing to get their folks back into the workplace.

Read this blog to learn the four steps you need to take when deploying new SaaS technology in the workplace.

Learn how workplace budgets have changed, including where companies invested and where workplace leaders want to invest in the future.

Sprinklr’s Head of Global Workplace, Tony Vargas, shares his take on the workplace in our most recent webinar.

Get back to business safely with health document verification for visitors.

We’re diving into Envoy’s proprietary platform data to share insights to help workplace leaders in the UK drive key return-to-office decisions.

We are seeing increased flexibility in the workplace, but is it permanent? Here are 35 hybrid work stats and what they say about the future of hybrid work.

Envoy’s Regional Customer Success Lead shares what he’s learned about hybrid work as he relocated from San Francisco to London.

Is your company looking to uplift its employee experience? Consider an approach that reinforces a tech-forward identity.

The lack of data and information that workplace leaders have had access to is simply not going to cut it as we head into this new era of work. We hope that At Work: the 2022 workplace trends report will play a role in your success—but this is just the start.

To learn more about the folks who make the workplace hum, Envoy surveyed 400 workplace leaders. Dive into the data in this post.

Improving your company’s tools and technology comes with many advantages. Learn about the benefits of technology in the workplace.

The latest data shows that meeting rooms are in high demand. In this post, we dive into the recent trends in room bookings.

Here are six ideas to improve your workplace to create a space that employees love—and actually choose to work from.

Envoy’s Workplace Manager shares what he’s learned about creating a great on-site experience after nearly a decade in the workplace space.

Being eco-friendly on-site will show employees you’re dedicated to creating a workplace experience that aligns with their values.

Employees want flexibility and to feel safe while in the office. But they’re most excited about reuniting with work friends and catching up in person.

Workplace experience was the topic of conversation in a recent webinar with SharkNinja’s Senior IT Manager Rachel Barrett.

Envoy raises $111 Million in Series C financing to help companies navigate COVID and rebuild community in the workplace.

Learn how to roll out a crystal clear hybrid work policy to help avoid confusion and maximize collaboration.

Learn how to go about verifying the health status of everyone that comes into the office so folks can work with peace of mind.

Catch highlights from an Envoy webinar on hybrid work, with leaders from Cisco and Relativity.

Employee wellness takes on a whole new meaning in the hybrid work world.

As you prepare for 2022, discover the most loved features that came to Envoy dashboards and mobile apps this year—thanks to your help.

Explore what workplace experts talked about in this 2021 webinar round-up. Hear from folks at Uber, Okta, Zoom, Slack, and more.

As a workplace manager, it’s your responsibility to keep the workplace functional, productive, and happy. Chances are, you use a handful of tools to help you.

Learn how to uplevel your COVID-19 safety protocols and stay in compliance with proof of vaccination efforts.

Envoy employee Kaitlin Finegan recently swapped her full-time remote schedule for a hybrid one. Here’s what she learned.

In our recent analysis of workplace foot traffic, we’ve seen a surge in people working on-site and the start of a new wave. In other words, the return-to-office is on.

I recently wrote about three workplace leaders inspiring the future of work. As we think about how the pandemic has changed work, we can’t forget the folks who work day in and day out to...

Yes, the vaccine rollout has been underway for a while. However, the majority of employees (87%) say they’re still worried about staying safe while in the workplace.

In a survey of 1,000 recently returned employees, we learned that nearly every employee (95%) has experienced advantages from being in the workplace.

Get your notepads out because these return-to-work stats are worth jotting down.

Companies are welcoming their people back to the workplace. Curious about the challenges and opportunities of returning? So were we!

Learn what executives say are opportunities they see to improve the workplace moving forward—and how you can take advantage of them at your own organization.

Keep the workplace safe and stay in compliance by confirming employee vaccinations with Envoy Protect.

If you haven’t met Nellie Hayat yet, you’re missing out. Nellie is passionate about the world of work—so much so that she left her career in engineering six years ago to design workplaces at the global tech company Stripe.

When you think of an enterprise organization, chances are “flexible” isn’t the first thing that comes to mind.

The workplace is evolving fast. Connect with other leaders so you’re prepared to adapt as the workplace continues to change.

There’s no perfect date to reopen the workplace. Instead of planning “the big return,” companies should aim to reopen safely and give their people back their space.

Explore how three major tech companies—Adobe, LogMeIn, and Intuit—have approached moving to a more flexible working arrangement.

The pandemic offers the greatest opportunity companies may ever be given to adopt hybrid work. Here’s how to make the most out of this moment.

When it comes to working onsite, here’s what employees really want: flexible work options, robust safety protocols, and better work experiences for all.

Since the start of the pandemic, workplace traffic has had its ups and downs. In this post, we look at the current state of workplace traffic.

A step-by-step guide to selecting the right combination of spaces for your company and its people.

Interested in adopting an office neighborhood? This solution streamlines office design while providing flexibility for varying working styles. Discover how!

Envoy is making it easier than ever to collaborate with coworkers on-site. Read on to learn about new features that take the work out of working together.

When you craft your space to meet the needs your employees, they’ll feel safe, empowered, and excited to turn up to the workplace.

Creating a more equitable workplace is an iterative process. With these four practices in place, you can ensure all of your people are happy on-site.

You don't have to make hybrid work alone. Learn how workplace managers at tech companies have transitioned to hybrid work with the help of a workplace platform.

To meet employees’ new work needs, workplace leaders must close the gaps between what we’ve known the office to be and where it’s headed.

This pandemic has completely altered the way we work. After spending a year working from home, many people want their companies to offer flexible working options.

Curious what it’s really like to work in a hybrid environment? Here’s what Envoy’s Head of Sales learned from his first month back on-site.

Workplace problems are inevitable. Learn how to solve them fast so you can entice your employees to come back on-site.

Find out which workplace tech trends IT teams must stay ahead of to keep their companies safe and flexible.

What is access control? Find out and learn how to use it to safely bring your people back to the workplace.

Employees increasingly choose to work from home or from engaging “third workplaces.” Hear from a workplace leader on how companies can compete.

What do companies Slack, Zoom, PennyMac, and Samsara have in common? They’re all managing the return to the workplace.

If you haven’t already, take your workplace to the next level and extend Envoy’s functionality with our out-of-the-box integrations.

Learn some of the most common hybrid work challenges that companies are grappling with and how to solve them.

People have new expectations for how they work, and organizations must adapt to meet them.

Looking for a workplace catering solution? Cater2.me + Envoy is a simple and elegant way to take workplace experience to the next level.

Hear from leaders from technology platforms Butlr and OnSolve on challenges companies face as they reopen their workplaces.

Learn how Brits and Americans feel about returning to workplaces, and how companies might cater their plans to each group.

The flexibility, efficiency, and employee happiness generated by a hybrid work environment is only possible with the right technology in place.

We surveyed 1,000 UK employees about experiencing burnout, workplace safety concerns, and attitudes toward hybrid work.

We asked HR leaders and small business owners for their best advice on how to onboard hybrid employees.

Did you know 34% of U.S. jobs can be performed at home? Let’s talk about the rise of virtual work and the advantages and disadvantages of a virtual office.

Australia is at the vanguard of worldwide efforts to reopen offices. Hear from webinar panelists on their workplace reopening plans for a hybrid work model.

What is a hybrid meeting? When in-person and virtual employees gather together, you’ll want an inclusive, specialized hybrid meeting solution for your office.

Introducing new ways to use Envoy to help your team coordinate when and how they will work together.

Workplace teams are juggling more than they were before the pandemic. We’ll show you how to use employee personas to maximize your team’s output and create a workplace where every employee can flourish.

Do you want a flexible work environment? The benefits of a hybrid office are abundant. Be mindful of these 5 factors when establishing your hybrid workplace.

We all know to reduce, reuse, and recycle, but what are some other specific ways to make your office green? In honor of Earth Day, we're offering 12 actionable steps towards office sustainability.

We sat down with Lionsgate’s Chief Administrative Officer, Heather Somaini, to pick her brain about how to enable a hybrid workforce.

Learn how hybrid work changes the workplace experience, as well as how your team can keep people engaged, productive, and encouraged to go into the workplace.