Printable sign-in sheet for your front desk

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Ditch the pen and paper for a safer, more modern sign-in

Businesses around the world are replacing their sign-in sheets and trusting Envoy to provide a seamless and secure visitor experience. See why companies like Slack, BuzzFeed, Box, and Pinterest all trust Envoy to greet their guests with care, keep their workplace safe, and save their team time.


Everything you need to welcome visitors

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Customizable sign-in

Customize everything from your sign-in questions and iPad display to badges and more.

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Instant notifications

Automatically notify employees when their guests arrive.

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Visitor data export

Export data at a moment's notice to make audits painless.

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Touchless sign-in

Have visitors sign-in with the Envoy Mobile App or a QR code to keep your space germ-free.

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Digital document signing

Prompts guests to sign agreements, like NDAs and waivers, on the iPad during sign in.

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Badge printing

Automatically print badges when visitors sign in. Even create custom badges.

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Visitor screening

Check if visitors appear on internal or third-party watchlists and if their ID is valid.

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Analytics and reporting

Get insight into visitor volume, who hosts visitors and more, and export data in a few clicks.

Create a workplace where people want to be

When you put care into your workplace, it shows. Design a place where everyone can feel safe and productive with Envoy’s workplace platform—Protect, Visitors, Deliveries, and Rooms.

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Create a safe, healthy workplace

Make sure anyone walking in your front door is healthy, keeps a safe distance, and can navigate your office without touching shared surfaces.

Keep a pulse on the office

See who's in the office, how spaces are used, and what needs your attention all in one place, so you can keep things running smoothly.

Make data-informed decisions

Analytics on your visitors, meeting rooms, and mailroom can help you make more informed decisions about staffing and space usage.

Keep employees focused

Save your team from the daily distractions of searching for deliveries, waiting on visitors, and finding an open room to meet, so they can focus on the work that matters most.

Prefer the pen and paper?

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