Need a quote for Envoy Visitors?

Need a quote for Envoy Visitors?

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Frequently asked questions

Which plan should our company choose?

You can learn about all the different plans we offer on our pricing page. We’ve also developed an interactive guide to help guide to you to the right plan based on your specific needs.

What hardware do I need to use Envoy?

For Visitors, you'll need an iPad running on iOS 10+. We also recommend an iPad stand, as well as a badge printer (only if you’re planning to print badges.) Learn more.

I see that you charge per location. How do you define a location?

For the majority of our customers, a “location” is defined as a physical office location. For example, if a company has several offices all over the world, they would typically set up one Envoy location for each of them. Alternatively, if a company has several buildings within one central campus, they may want to set up an Envoy location for each of those buildings as well. For every location you set up, you would typically need to order the associated hardware, i.e. iPad, iPad stand and badge printer. Learn more.

Can I get a quote for your Enterprise plan?

If you’d like to get a quote for our Enterprise plan, you can request one by contacting our sales team. We will typically return your email within 24 hours (on normal business days.)

What forms of payment do you accept?

For online transactions, we currently accept any credit or debit card with Mastercard, Visa, Discover Network, and American Express. We offer manual invoicing for accounts that are on the Enterprise plan or have three or more Premium Yearly locations and accept payment via ACH or check.

Do you offer invoiced billing?

We offer manual invoiced billing for Enterprise plans or Premium Yearly accounts with three or more locations. For more information, you can contact our sales team.

Are there any hidden fees attached to my Envoy subscription?

We hate hidden fees as much as you do. If you’re on the monthly plan, you’ll be charged once a month on your renewal date. If you’re on the yearly plan, we only charge one fee upfront for the whole year, and your card will not be charged until your renewal date the following year. That’s it!

(Note: VAT fees may apply if you’re purchasing from outside of the USA.)

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