How to connect and integrate Envoy with the tools you use every day

Thursday, April 30 at 10am PST

According to a recent SaaS trends report, today’s businesses use between 40 and 200+ different tools and apps, and their employees use an average of 8 different tools every day. That means companies dedicate a lot of their energy to making sure these tools work well together, and employees spend time switching between tools instead of focusing on work that matters.

Envoy’s workplace platform successfully pulls the technology in your workplace together through the use of integrations. With over 50 existing integrations, you can easily connect Envoy with the tools you use every day.

In this webinar, join Madison Stein, Product Marketing Manager at Envoy, as she shows you how to make the most out of Envoy’s powerful integrations. You’ll learn the types of tools Envoy integrates with and how to use these integrations to keep your workplace running smoothly.

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