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The 2021 workplace preparedness playbook

Workplace threats are numerous and can happen unexpectedly. While it may seem obvious that workplace preparedness is important, there are a lot of less clear benefits that come out of a comprehensive preparedness strategy. We’ve partnered with the experts at Everbridge to help you create your workplace preparedness strategy for 2021 and beyond.


Businesses must prepare for all kinds of security incidents, ranging from cyberattacks and physical threats to health crises and natural disasters. They need to be ready to prevent, detect, and respond to workplace threats. It’s not only critical to providing employee safety and peace of mind; it’s crucial to company continuity. Use this guide as a playbook to understand the types of critical events that threaten the workplace and how to prepare for them.

Inside you’ll learn:


The types of workplace threats


The benefits of workplace preparedness


How to prepare for any workplace threat