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Workplace habits 2020 infographic: meeting room etiquette needs work

Did you know the average worker spends 9 hours a week in meetings and 85% of people have a favorite room? Check out our new infographic.

Lori Maupas
By Lori Maupas Writer

Meetings in the workplace consume a large portion of our day—about 9 hours per week, to be exact—and for good reason. Meetings bring us together to collaborate, share ideas, and keep projects moving forward. At best, they help us connect with coworkers and often inspire us to do our best work. 

But, when conference room booking goes awry, or people don’t use proper meeting room etiquette, holding a meeting can be a source of stress and anxiety. Frustrated and short on time, people can get ruthless when it comes to kicking coworkers out of rooms when meetings run long. This can create tension in the workplace that impairs productivity and impacts the overall work environment. 

We surveyed U.S. workers about workplace habits and created an infographic highlighting the most interesting stats. Take a look at our key findings on how people interact with technology in the workplace, manage packages and visitors, and book meeting rooms:

workplace habits 2020 infographic

Meetings should be a place for team-building, where ideas are born and developed. A streamlined meeting room experience is part of a thriving, healthy, and productive workplace. But, conference room booking issues and miscommunication can get in the way. 

Efficient meeting room scheduling software can eliminate issues such as no-shows, double-booking, squatting, and late starts that diminish the quality of your meetings. Download our meeting management checklist for best practices to manage––and, dare we say, actually enjoy––meetings in your workplace.

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Lori Maupas
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