Mar 26, 2024
Apr 16, 2024

Move your workplace forward confidently

Welcome visitors virtually, optimize your space layout, measure your in-office policy, and make onsite emergencies less stressful with our latest releases.
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Move your workplace forward confidently

The future of the workplace is global, onsite and distributed, and yesterday’s tools simply cannot keep up. This month, Envoy’s introducing new tools to safeguard your people, roll out your policies, and right-size your spaces – without compromising on budget or employee experience. Read our latest press release.

Sign in pre-registered visitors with facial recognition

Make sign-in even more seamless for visitors whose information you already have on file.

Accelerate sign-in without sacrificing security using facial recognition for pre-registered and returning visitors. Once enabled at a location, visitors with a photo on file can simply look into the kiosk camera and Envoy will auto-fill their information. Learn more. Available on Visitors Enterprise.

Let visitors sign themselves in with static QR codes

Securely welcome visitors even at locations with unstaffed reception areas, and streamline group sign-in with static QR codes.

Guests can simply scan the printed QR code and complete the required sign-in steps on their mobile device. Learn more. Available on Visitors Premium and above.

Cut costs, streamline secure entries with a virtual front desk (beta)

Screen and sign in visitors even at locations without front desk personnel. Envoy’s virtual front desk lets visitors connect to a remote team member for assistance, straight from the iPad kiosk.

Establish transparency by empowering employees to view their own attendance trends

Employees can now see a weekly average of how many days they’ve checked in each month through the Envoy mobile app (iOS and Android). The average is calculated by dividing the number of check-in days by the number of complete weeks in the current calendar month. Learn more. Available on Workplace Premium and above.

Streamline admin workflows with automatic map placement

Admins can now add multiple desks with a simple drag and drop. Envoy Workplace leverages computer vision AI to detect and place multiple seats in just a few clicks. Admins can confirm bulk placement and decide how desks are numbered before adding them to the workplace map. Learn more. Available on Workplace Premium and above.

Reach everyone onsite with two-way emergency communication

Streamline emergency response with two-way communication and real-time visibility into building occupancy. Prompt onsite employees and visitors to mark themselves as safe during an incident or drill. Quickly confirm who is safe and who needs further assistance. Learn more. Available on Visitors Enterprise and Workplace Premium Plus.


Attending ISC West this year? Stop by Booth 1054 for live demos of our latest workplace security features.

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Helen Irias

Helen is a marketer at Envoy who loves helping customers create great experiences throughout the workplace and discover new features to make their lives easier. Outside of work, you can find Helen knitting oddly-sized blankets, going to hot yoga at the crack of dawn, or finding new hiking spots with her Frenchie.

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