Keep people safe during critical situations

Reach visitors and employees instantly across your workplace locations.

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Know exactly who's onsite at any given time

Easily see who's scheduled, currently onsite, or associated with each workplace location. Quickly contact the right groups of people for each onsite incident.


Deliver your message to everyone instantly

Reach people on their preferred channel by sending notifications via SMS, email, and push notification.

Email, SMS, and Push notifications sent during an emergency
Product illustration - people marked as safe

Streamline roll calls and evacuations

Ask employees and visitors to mark themselves safe to provide accurate roll calls and promptly identify anyone in need of assistance.

Envoy centralizes how I can send emergency notifications to everyone that we have onsite in our multiple locations. Visitors wouldn't be in any other system. So, in the event of an emergency, I'd rely on Envoy to alert everyone of critical information."

Alexander Hokokian
Operations Associate at Stanford University

We can collect all the data that we need to meet our compliance requirements in one, centralized place. We trust that Envoy protects that data, stores it securely, and does so globally. That’s a big win."

Jonathan Priganc
Director, Business Systems-Corporate Affairs

Envoy has streamlined our paperwork and sign-in process, but more importantly, standardized it–completing all of the necessary documents as well as making a safer facility!"

Shawn Devore
Plant Manager

Envoy strikes a good balance between the high level of security we need and the open personality we’ve worked hard to create."

Sharon Teng
Operations Admin Manager