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What customer support means at Envoy

At Envoy, we believe that connecting with customer support should never be a chore.
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What customer support means at Envoy

At Envoy, we believe that connecting with customer support should never be a chore. We’re the highest-rated visitor registration product on top review sites, including Capterra, GetApp and G2 Crowd, and if you read our reviews, you’ll notice that many of our customers rank our support team as one of their favorite things about us.

Here are some stats to give you a sense of how we measure ourselves on support. Over the past 30 days, we’ve achieved a CSAT (Customer Satisfaction Score) of 96% (averaged across Zendesk and LiveChat.) Our NPS ( Net Promoter Score) over the past 30 days is 62. (For reference, a score higher than 50 is typically considered very good to outstanding. Most companies have an NPS score between 5 to 10.) Lastly, our average CES (Customer Effort Score) for the last month is 6.25 (the highest score is a 7.)

We’ve worked extremely hard to achieve this great reputation, and in honor of Customer Service Week (the first full week of October), we’re happy to share how we’ve honed in on customer service that both delights and delivers results.

The making of the mantras

About a year ago, the Envoy support team put our heads together to have a long, hard think on one question: What makes a support experience great?

There’s a hint in the question itself. We thought about the person and the experience they’re having, not just what it takes to solve the ticket. We thought about their state of mind, which might be confused or frustrated. We thought what would make us love to come to work and do a job worth doing.

How Envoy does support

With the brainstorming behind us, we crafted these mantras to work by and hire by (and maybe live by, too).

Be your best self: Embrace the quirk, and create interactions you’re proud of.

Deliver results: Be available, be scalable and do what it takes get the job done.

Embody empathy: Respect others, and be kind. Listen, even when it means reading between the lines.

Leave them smiling: Bonus points are yours for the taking. Go the extra mile to make their day.

Don’t take our word for it

We live by these mantras in all our support interactions — and we’re ecstatic to see that it’s had a real effect on our customers. We wanted to share some highlights that specifically single out our unique focus on customer service.

[Envoy] customer service is incredibly responsive, unique in this business. I wish every vendor we work with would provide the level of service and attention to the customer that Envoy enjoys.

Brendon McCarthy, Director of Technology, Yongsan International School of Seoul

[Envoy’s] customer service and support has been second to none and the team at Envoy are always happy to help and assist, day or night. We are and will continue to be a long term customer for many years to come.

— Josh Molenkamp, Facilities & Creative Manager, CommTel NS

The best part of Envoy is the top notch customer service: I actually look forward to chatting with them when I have a question or concern because they are genuinely interested in learning how they can assist their users and improve their product. I highly recommend Envoy!

— Michelle Marion, Receptionist, Stripe

Envoy checked all the boxes! And don’t even get me started on their customer service!! I need more stars to properly express how wonderful they are to work with.

— Sean Gesel, Senior IT Manager, Wilen Direct

I was in a pinch to see fast turnaround for my fledgling small business, and Envoy came through like a star. The speed and precision with which I was able to coordinate my custom label printing with them reflects a healthy hunger for perfection at Envoy. This company is one to watch and work with.

— Ram S, Stanford

A single email to Envoy’s customer service team will put you in touch with people who honestly want the feedback and make amazingly fast updates to improve the software. It’s constantly improving, constantly evolving. I want the Envoy team to make all of my software. If only!

— Jimmy Martin, Facilities Director, Chicago Literacy Alliance

Incredibly positive experience with Envoy from soup to nuts. Their customer service and support is top notch and the system is fantastic.

— Nghiem Bui, Assistant Director of Admissions, Marin Academy

The value for the cost and the customer support I have received are absolutely phenomenal. When I was pitching Envoy to my staff and to the senior leadership of the College, the customer support reps assisted me in presenting two separate webinars, in addition to the demo I received individually. They have been super responsive in regard to questions or concerns I have and are proactive in touching base with their clients to check in.

— Ashley Hubler, Assistant General Manager, Dolphin Cove (College of Staten Island)

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Envoy Author
Envoy Author

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