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How a visitor management system can help manufacturers be compliant

Learn how a visitor management system can help you conquer compliance and be regulatory-ready ahead of 2023.
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How a visitor management system can help manufacturers be compliant

For manufacturing, being on top of compliance and regulation is crucial. Particularly because different office and warehouse locations mean there are more rules to adhere to. In fact, since 1981, the federal government has issued an average of 1 new, manufacturing-related regulation each week.With such a sheer volume of new rules, regulations, and policies to keep on top of, it’s no surprise that manufacturers are finding it difficult to focus on growth opportunities. But don’t fret. In this post, we’ll cover exactly how you can and stay on top of regulations and compliance with the help of a visitor management solution. The outcome? Some much-needed time and space to focus on scaling your company, not just running it.

Top compliance standards on manufacturing’s radar

It’s impossible to list every compliance and regulation that may affect the manufacturing industry. One health and safety procedure might be standard in the US, but not in other plants and sites across the world. Staying compliant to an international mindmap of regulations, laws, and policies is overwhelming. Here is a list of the five top compliance standards that should be on your radar.

  1. ITAR (International Traffic in Arms Regulations) - ITAR helps ensure that defense-related technology doesn’t get in the wrong hands. If your manufacturing company deals with defense-related services, products, or technical data, you’re most likely familiar with this compliance standard.
  2. GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) - GDPR is a personal data privacy regulation from the European Union. If you have a location in the EU, provide goods or services in the EU, or employ any EU citizens then this regulation is important to you.
  3. CCPA (California Consumer Privacy Act) - The CCPA is a regulation designed to give consumers in California more control over their personal information. This includes what your manufacturing business stores about them and how it’s used, sold, and shared. They also have the right to request deletion of information and opt out of you selling their data on.
  4. OSHA (Occupational Safety and Health Administration) - OSHA is a regulation that falls under environmental health and safety (EHS). It ensures that manufacturers guarantee a safe, working environment for their employees and visitors. This includes watching safety videos, carrying out health and safety training, and wearing protective equipment.
  5. GMP (Goods and Manufacturing Practices) - GMP is a regulation that controls the way manufacturers’ produce goods. It ensures businesses are consistent and adhering to strict quality standards in the country they operate in.

6 ways a visitor management system helps manufacturers be compliant

A visitor management system might be the surprising hero of your regulatory ails, but it’s a hero nonetheless. If the above compliance standards have you sweating, we got you! Here are six ways a visitor management solution can help you be compliant.

1. Ask visitors for their data consent–always

With a visitor management system, you can allow visitors to opt-out of data storage when they sign in. If a visitor doesn’t consent to data collection, you can offer them an alternative way to sign in. You will also be able to inform each visitor about how their data is used by displaying your data policies directly within the sign-in flow.

2. Store and track data

Part of being compliant means you must have a way of securely storing, accessing, and transmitting data. That includes any type of personal data the owner has legal privacy rights over, such as their name, address, email, and billing information. To ensure your manufacturing enterprise is compliant, you’ll need to secure your files and data with a visitor management system. How does it work? A visitor management system will integrate with your chosen file storage software and work together to collect, store, track, and transmit all the data you need.

3. Request documents ahead of time

As part of your visitor management policy, it’s likely you’ll need visitors to sign legal agreements and provide personal information before they arrive at your facility. Maybe that’s an ID scan, a background check, or signing an NDA. Whatever it is, you can use your visitor management system to request signatures and collect (and store) the documents you need ahead of time.

4. Customize sign-in for every visitor type

Whether it’s clients and customers to your HQ offices or contractors to your factories, it’s likely that you’ll need different information for each visitor type to remain compliant. Your visitor management system will enable you to customize your pre-registration and sign-in flow to send and receive what you need. This could be signed contracts, passports, legal documents, and more.

5. Send safety videos for visitors to watch

Manufacturing is an industry that has tons of health and safety regulations. And it can be a costly mistake to cut corners–for your business and for the safety of your workers. As part of OSHA and other health and safety regulations, you can automate and send safety videos and training before each visitor arrives. That way, you can be sure they have completed it before their arrival and are not tempted to skip any compliance steps on the day.

6. Access backed-up records for upcoming audits

A visitor management system can help you by maintaining a compliant visitor log book. With a visitor management system, you can easily and reliably store detailed reports to assist with audits, security protocols, and on-premise visitor controls. That means that then when an audit comes about, you don’t have to scramble. Instead, you’re prepared with all the information you need.–

Cutting corners on compliance is risky business. It’s also unnecessary. With the help of a visitor management system, you can keep on top of your compliance with ease. You can transform a clunky and monotonous task into a streamlined and automated process. This will help to protect your organization, workers, and visitors as you grow.

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