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4 emerging visitor experience trends for workplaces you should know about

As more visitors return to the workplace, it’s your job to make them feel welcomed and wowed. Learn how to meet—and even exceed—their expectations.
Tiffany Fowell
Content Marketing Manager
4 emerging visitor experience trends for workplaces you should know about

While return-to-office conversations have mostly focused on employees, there’s another group back in the workplace: visitors. In fact, according to our latest data, visitors are back in abundance, bringing an energy to the workplace that’s reminiscent of pre-pandemic days. To give guests a great experience in 2023 and beyond, workplace managers need to stay ahead of the latest visitor trends. That’s why we partnered with WORKTECH Academy to analyze our visitor data and break down the top trends we’re seeing. Read on to find out what we learned and what your team can do to make sure your guests feel welcomed, safe, and wowed while visiting the workplace.

Trend #1: Organizations will revamp their amenities to meet the new expectations of guests

Visitors now see basic amenities such as free coffee and WiFi as just that: basic. As people’s expectations for a great onsite experience grow, workplace teams have two options. They can rise to meet these expectations or fall short and disappoint their guests. According to our At Work report, workplace leaders want to rise to the challenge. More than a third said they want to invest more in onsite events and programs, and almost a quarter said they want more food and beverages programs. While workplace managers may use these perks to encourage employees to work onsite, you can bet visitors value them, too.

Try this: Beyond food and beverages, try offering guests dedicated work areas, luggage storage and lockers, bookable desks and meeting rooms, and the ability to order lunch before the visit.

Trend #2: Experiences will get more personal as guests note their preferences before arriving onsite

Imagine your guests telling you, directly, how you can make their experience in the workplace a great one. That’s where the visitor experience is headed with pre-registration.A survey by workforce experience experts Applaud found that hyper-personalized experiences were one of the most significant trends emerging in the future of work. Still, employers have a lot of work to do in this area. The report also found that more than two-thirds of the 200 HR leaders surveyed still don’t offer individual personalization in their workplace experience.

Try this: When your guests sign into the workplace, give them an opportunity to tell you how you can make their visit a little more special. Add an optional question to their sign-in flow, such as: Is there anything we can do to give you a better experience during your visit? This will give your guests a chance to voice their needs (and your team the ability to meet them).

Trend #3: Flexible working models will continue making security more complex

In a flexible workplace, it can be difficult to know who’s onsite on any given day, which can pose security risks. It’s no wonder why in 2022, workplace managers invested more in physical security solutions to keep their people and spaces safe. Organizations offering flexible work that haven’t solved for the increase in security risk will need to do so in 2023—or they face having to deal with costly and potentially dangerous breaches. The digitization of visitor management now means that organizations can send a calendar invite, NDA, and safety paperwork in one go. When the guest arrives at the office, the system will recognize them and automatically send a notification to the host to alert them of their visitor’s arrival. Efficient, secure, and sleek—and a far better experience to pen and paper sign-in.

Try this: Pre-screen your visitors using your visitor management system. When an unwanted guest is invited to the workplace, your visitor management system will automatically block them and notify your team. This added security will give your team and employees more peace of mind.

Trend #4: Authenticity will make or break the visitor experience

Beyond first impressions, visitors now seek authenticity and a genuine connection with the businesses they visit. They want to be sure their values align with the values of the business, and that their experience onsite is consistent with the brand’s public-facing image. Tim Greenhalgh, Chief Creative Officer at the media company Landor and Fitch, explains it this way: “Behind the scenes is the new scene... Customers want to see how everything works and they want transparency.” This means that on top of your other responsibilities, you’re tasked with making sure folks have an onsite experience that aligns with your organization’s brand.

Try this: Look for ways to incorporate your brand and its values in the visitor experience. For example, you might offer job candidates a branded welcome package to take home. You could ensure the check-in experience is streamlined and welcoming by sending them directions to the workplace and offering touchless sign-in with your branding.

—As more visitors return to the workplace, it’s your job to make them feel welcomed and wowed. By focusing on the trends guests care about, you can meet—and even exceed—their expectations. This is not only a win for your brand, it’s a win for your workplace team.

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Tiffany Fowell
Tiffany Fowell

Tiffany is a content crafter and writer at Envoy, where she helps workplace leaders build a workplace their people love. Outside of work, her passions include spending time with her greyhound, advocating for the Oxford comma, and enjoying really great tea.

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