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Reception area design inspiration: How to impress your visitors

Make a great first impression with a reception area that truly wows your visitors. Here are a few lobbies for inspiration.

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We’ve spent hundreds of hours with Office Managers and other Heads of Workplace to identify what works (and what doesn’t) when designing a reception area that genuinely adds to the workplace experience.

One key component stood out—demonstrating digital mastery, with a human touch, is critical for companies that want to stand out.

This works effectively for both creating a new office design from scratch, as well as when upgrading an outdated reception area.

Highlighted below are several lobbies we are sure will wow you and inspire you to go above and beyond for your visitors.

Design your reception area to reflect your high-tech brand

For every company, the lobby is the place to make a positive first impression. Here are examples of companies that decided to go all-in on a quality experience that reflects their high-tech brand and company values.


Even if you’re not a nature lover, this entrance is sure to make a big impression. Photo credit to SW.

This office design made news around the country, and for good reason: Salesforce’s San Francisco lobby boasts the nation’s longest 4mm screens.

It’s impossible not to be impressed by a stunning 106-foot long waterfall. Or, drawn into the lush scenery of a temperate rainforest.

Visitors to Salesforce are sure to be drawn in by their digital wall. While it may cause some meetings to start a few minutes later than expected, as visitors stop to gawk and snap selfies, it also makes for a great place to close out an important meeting or interview.


 “Envoy lets us focus on our guests and create that personal, welcoming experience.” – Cristina Gavin, Asana Office Coordinator

Asana is renowned for revamping how companies conduct business. That means huge growth and a lot of interview candidates.

Cristina Gavin, Asana’s Office Coordinator, is responsible for meeting visitors’ high expectations for the reception area. Those visitors can range from investors, to press, to employee candidates.

For Asana, that meant implementing a powerful visitor management system. Gavin highlighted the fact that “Envoy lets us focus on our guests and create that personal, welcoming experience—which is important when you’re interviewing as much as Asana is.”


“As soon as we built our new office, I knew we needed Envoy.” – Francis Aquino, Workplace Experience Manager at Headspace. Photo credit to Convene.

Headspace, the mobile meditation app, has been downloaded more than 20 million times, fueling its expansion into a brand new 20,000 square foot office. The meditation pods, sleek simple design, and soothing colors work together to show off their brand and make guests feel comfortable.

Francis Aquino, the Workplace Experience Manager at Headspace, said Envoy “helps us scale operations as we grow while retaining the same warm and welcoming vibe.”

How to spruce up an outdated reception area


Check out this eye-grabbing, inviting, modern space. Photo credit to Architectural Digest.

Located across two floors of the Empire State Building, Shutterstock needed to update the lobby of its 80,000 square foot Manhattan office.

As a company specializing in image-licensing, incorporating digital imagery into the reception area made perfect sense. This visually engaging, bright lobby guarantees you know you’ve walked into a Shutterstock building.


“At Aruba, we’re all about providing a modern, high-performance work environment.” – Alan Ni, Director of Smart Spaces and IoT at Aruba

Aruba welcomes over 1,200 guests, vendors, customers, and other partners every single month. Presenting them with a sign-in process that spanned both paper and digital wasn’t their best look.

For a Hewlett Packard Enterprise company that specializes in cloud-based solutions, it was critical that Aruba’s new location would serve them and their guests in 2020 and beyond.

Incorporating a digital visitor management system into the new office design was critical. As Alan Ni, Director of Smart Spaces and IoT at Aruba, explained, “The moment visitors step foot through the door, seeing this modern sign-in experience powered by Envoy reinforces that.”

Bonus: Add in a little fun!

If you get tired of screen time, how about a three-story slide? Photo credit to SW.

Corus Entertainment’s bright and airy lobby gives fantastic views of the waterfront, has a digital screen for zoning out, and adds in a little interactivity with a huge spiral slide.

Visitors can opt for views of calming water or be mesmerized by a huge screen. The huge white slide beckons those who may need to work out a few pre-meeting jitters or embrace the celebratory excitement that comes after being offered employment. 

Time to rethink your reception area

No matter what a visitor’s purpose, whether to solicit business, work for your company, or sign a contract for services—your workplace experience should offer comfort and on-brand engagement.

Considering every aspect of office design isn’t easy. That’s why we put together this reception area upgrade guide to help you dazzle future office guests.

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