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Book the perfect desk to do your best work with Desks amenities

Now with desk amenities, employees can filter, find, and book the perfect desk with the tools and setup they need for the day.
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Book the perfect desk to do your best work with Desks amenities

One of the top benefits that employees get in the workplace is a better working environment than what they have at home. In fact, in an early 2022 survey, 28% of employees listed a better desk set-up and stronger Wi-Fi access as two of the main things that make them choose the office. What happens if employees can’t be productive or comfortable in the office because they can’t get the setup they need to do their best work? They’ll choose to work from home. Now, with Envoy Desks, you can ensure that every employee can get the perfect desk to do their best work with desk amenities.

Introducing desk amenities

Every employee is unique. That means one desk setup isn’t going to work for everyone. Some employees require specific amenities to do their best work. Some need a dual monitor, some like a standing desk, and some prefer a quiet spot by the window.Now with desk amenities, employees can filter, find, and book their perfect desk with the tools and setup they need for the day—with just a few taps on Envoy’s app.

Envoy Desks amenities

Your team will feel confident going to the office knowing that they'll be productive and comfortable at their desk. No more wasting time switching desks or gathering all the tools they need when they get into the office.Get started by creating amenities on Envoy’s dashboard. Assign amenities to desks on your map or import all of the information in a CSV file. Learn how to set up desk amenities in minutes here.

Personalize the workplace experience

Letting your employees choose their perfect desk creates a more personalized workplace experience. This is essential to bringing folks back on-site since a vast majority of employees now expect flexibility in where and how they work.Besides standing desks, dual-monitors, ergonomic chairs, or other physical amenities, consider what other features a desk has to offer. You can assign any attributes to a desk for employees to filter for.For example, if some employees have young kids at home, they might want to filter for a desk in a “quiet area”. Or let folks search for a desk with “natural lighting” by the window.Some ideas of amenities you can offer to create more personalized workplace experiences include:

  • Productivity
  • Comfort
  • Ambiance
  • Personalization
  • Dual monitors
  • Standing
  • Quiet
  • Plants
  • Whiteboard
  • Ergonomic chair
  • Office with a door
  • ADA adjustable
  • Desk lamp
  • Footstool
  • By window
  • Threadmill
  • Printer
  • Massager
  • Natural lighting
  • Modular wall
  • Work pod
  • Air filter
  • White noise
  • Aroma diffuser

Look around your workplace and survey your team for inspiration on what other amenities you can add to your desks.

Recent Desks features you don’t want to miss

Check out these other recent releases that get employees excited to go back to a thriving workplace.

Favorites: Easily find and collaborate with key co-workers

Working on-site is more productive and enjoyable when your teammates and key stakeholders are also on-site. On Envoy’s app, you can see when your favorite co-workers are coming in. Or be notified a week in advance when they schedule a day in the office so you can plan to be there as well. See where they’ll be sitting so you can reserve a desk near them to collaborate in person. And if your favorite colleagues are not scheduled to come yet, you can send them an invite! Learn more.

Favoriting employees

Multi-day bookings: Plan ahead and book desks for multiple days at once

Now it’s easier than ever for employees to set their schedules for hybrid work within the Envoy app. Book a desk for multiple days in the workplace all at once. Simply tap the days you’re planning to come on-site and you’ll automatically reserve a desk for all future days. Learn more.

Multi-day scheduling

Delegated booking: Book desks on behalf of others

As an admin, you can book a desk on behalf of an employee or reassign desks if you need to shift people around to make space for collaboration or for an event. Learn more.

Reservation map: View a map of desk reservations on the web

See who’s working on-site and which desks are booked on any given date right on the map on your desktop. Easily search where a colleague is sitting to collaborate in person. View your workplace map here.

Reservation log: Get a birds-eye view of desk usage

Have even more control over your workplace. View past, current, and upcoming desk reservations at a glance in the Desks reservation log. Learn more. Creating a thriving workplace where employees want to be takes work. We want to make it easier for you with features that help your team be more productive and comfortable on-site. Learn how to empower your employees to find and book their perfect desk for the task at hand by setting up Desks amenities.

Curious how hot desking could work for your office? Start a free trial, or book a meeting and we’ll be happy to help!

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