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Introducing two new, faster ways to sign in

When visitors arrive at your office, they’re ready to start their visit. Besides ringing your buzzer or a quick elevator ride, the only thing that stands between them and their host is signing in. No matter if they’re late or early, the need to complete one last task can weigh on their mind.

Visitors should enter your lobby confident that they can breeze through sign-in. That’s why we’re excited to share two updates to the Envoy Visitors kiosk that make signing in faster for visitors.

A speedier sign in for pre-registered visitors

Visitors who pre-register are all ready to visit. Now they’re rewarded for planning ahead with a QR code that lets them sign in instantly.

Once an invited visitor finishes pre-registering, they’ll receive a QR code via email. When they arrive for their visit, they can pull up the code on their phone, tap the new QR code button, and scan it on the kiosk to sign in—no typing necessary.

This feature is available for companies on Envoy’s Premium and Enterprise plans. To make pre-registration and QR code sign-in available to your visitors, log in to the Envoy dashboard, navigate to Visitors > Settings > Pre-registration, and turn on Pre-registration.

Been here before? Invited? Just type your name

Completing every step of your sign-in is necessary once, but tedious on a second visit. Some savvy visitors found the easily overlooked “Been here before?” button on the kiosk, but most signed in all over again.

Now when a visitor types in their name, your kiosk will recognize they’ve been here before and pre-fill their information. The same goes for visitors who have been invited—any information provided by the host will appear in the sign-in fields.

You’ll notice that the kiosk now asks visitors for their name first. If the kiosk recognizes them, their information will populate in the fields that follow or, if all the information is there, sign them in on the spot.

If it’s not clear that the “John Smith” signing in is the same “John Smith” that signed in last week, the kiosk will ask the visitor to confirm their email address. If the address on file isn’t theirs, they’ll complete your standard sign-in for new visitors.

To start using these features, make sure the Envoy Visitors app on your kiosk is updated to the latest version. We’ll be rolling out this feature gradually, so if you don’t see an update available, check back in a few days.

We always want to hear what you think about Envoy’s new features. For questions or feedback, give us a shout on chat or email us at [email protected]