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How Zynga is thinking about security for a hybrid work environment

The latest “Building the hybrid workplace” webinar was all about safety and security in the era of hybrid work. We heard from Zynga’s global head of physical security Brian Schmidt and Envoy’s enterprise product manager Peter Mullen. Take a look at some highlights from their chat below. Or, if you’d rather watch the webinar, check out the full recording.

It’s time for companies to put their return-to-work plans in action. Every organization will have its own unique approach to hybrid work that tries to balance employee and business needs. Zynga’s current plan is to have some portion of its employees return to the office in September.

How Zynga’s hybrid work model might look

  • 20% of the workforce in the office full-time
  • 60% in the office part-time 
  • 20% working remotely full-time
A breakdown of where employees may work when Zynga reopens

In this setup, a fifth of Zynga’s employees will be remote. But far more (80%) will go into the workplace at least part of the time. This hybrid work model aligns with the results of a recent Wakefield + Envoy survey. About half of those surveyed want the ability to work both in and out of the office and employers are. 

“[About] 70% of people wanted to work remote. Either full-time or be in the office one to three days a week. We found that interesting because we do have quite a few positions that would need to be in the office every day to be able to actually perform their job to the level they’re expected.”

Brian Schmidt
Senior Manager, Global Physical Security

Other webinar highlights

  • Zynga plans to take a long-term approach to hybrid work: “We’re moving to this connected workplace permanently. It’s not going to be just for a year or two.”
  • There will be fewer full-time on-site employees, but Zynga doesn’t expect its overall real estate footprint to shrink. Instead, it may shift between different locations. 
  • Zynga is also exploring having “smaller hub offices” to help employees who need to be on-site shorten their commute time.
  • Approximately 90% of respondents of an internal Zynga survey listed health and safety as the number one concern about coming back to the office.

Want to find out more about Zynga’s approach to hybrid work and how they’re supporting employee safety? Check out the full webinar recording