Jan 3, 2019
Nov 9, 2023

How we made Envoy better in 2018

Make sure you're taking advantage of all the improvements Envoy added in 2018.
Jillian Smith
Product Marketer
How we made Envoy better in 2018

If you signed in with Envoy or spent time in the Envoy dashboard last year, you probably noticed that a few things changed. That’s because Envoy made over 100 improvements to our products, be they new features or design tweaks, in 2018.

Your feedback served as our guide: signing in needed to be more intuitive, managing and inviting visitors could be simpler and more integrated with the tools you already use, and protecting your data was imperative.

Make sure you’re getting the most of the improvements Envoy added in the past year. Or, skip ahead to see what's on deck for 2019.

A faster sign-in that’s all you

Your visitors will find it easier to see which text field corresponds with which label (like Full name or Email address). Your branding is also more prominent, so visitors can see that they’re in the right place. Learn more about the redesigned sign-in experience.

Welcome visitors in 17 languages

Visitors can now choose their preferred language when they sign in. Just pick which languages you’ll support and Envoy translates your sign-in flow automatically. Learn more about supporting multiple languages.

Stronger protections for your data

Envoy is now both SOC 2 type 1 and type 2 certified, and our services are in compliance with GDPR requirements. Learn more about how Envoy supports your compliance efforts.

Organize your deliveries in a snap

Taming the chaos of your mail pile is easy—and now free—with Envoy Deliveries. Take a photo of each incoming delivery, and Envoy notifies the recipient to pick it up. Learn more about managing deliveries with Envoy.

A simpler way for your visitors to pre-register

Now your visitors can upload a photo of themselves and sign any necessary documents before they arrive. The day of their visit, they simply type their name to sign in. Learn more about pre-registering visitors.

And much more…

What’s in store for the workplace in 2019

You’ve told us how important it is to keep your workplace safe while creating a great experience for visitors and your team. This year you’ll find new ways to verify visitors are welcome, like ID scanning and QR codes for invited guests, tools that simplify hosting large groups, and more opportunities to create one-of-a-kind experiences for visitors in your lobby.

And that doesn't even cover the half of it! We can't wait to share all the things we're launching in 2019, and you can bet that challenging the status quo of the workplace experience is at the heart of it all.

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Jillian Smith
Jillian Smith

Jillian helps workplace leaders solve problems and keep their offices running smoothly. She's passionate about unlocking delight through technology and creating great experiences.

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