Oct 23, 2020
Jan 30, 2024

Envoy is now available on the Salesforce Work.com AppExchange

We’re excited to announce a new partnership with Salesforce to help you face the challenges of the COVID-19 pandemic.
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Envoy is now available on the Salesforce Work.com AppExchange

Workplaces around the world have different approaches to managing their pandemic response. But the one similarity has been a priority on workplace safety. Executive leaders, workplace and facilities teams, and HR professionals are facing new challenges. How do you create a safe environment where your employees are healthy and productive? How do you remain compliant with new local, state, or government regulations? How do you protect your business’s continuity?

We’re excited to announce a new partnership with Salesforce to help you face these new challenges. Salesforce announced Work.com in May of this year to help businesses respond to the COVID-19 pandemic. They are working with a select group of trusted partners to empower customers to build business continuity and manage employees and visitors on-site. Now, through this partnership, Envoy customers can make the most of Envoy and Work.com. Customers can automatically sync employee and visitor data to your Workplace Command Center to manage capacity, assess employee health, and create a safer workplace.

Safely welcome employees onsite with Envoy Protect

With Envoy Protect now available to all, you can get the tools you need to keep your team safe and healthy. Over 3,000 workplaces have used Protect to welcome more than half a million employees back to the workplace.With Envoy Protect, you can manage employee registration, send health questionnaires, and enforce capacity limits across your locations. These tools help you ensure that employees are healthy before they come to the office. Then, you can make sure they can keep a safe distance from others while they’re there. With the Envoy and Work.com integration, you get insights into how many people are in your office by pulling real-time employee data into your Workplace Command Center. Knowing who is on-site at all times can help you feel confident to enforce capacity limits and prevent overcrowding.

Save time and automatically sync information in Salesforce

Keeping your employees safe and healthy is a top priority. But making sure that visitors—whether they are clients, vendors, candidates, or investors—stay healthy is important too. With the Envoy Visitors and Salesforce integration, you capture the data you need in Salesforce when visitors come on-site. Real-time and expected visitor data helps you create safe processes for guests and saves your sales team time. Any customer-facing team knows the importance of logging every interaction in Salesforce. Now, they don’t have to think twice when they invite someone onsite through Envoy. Customize your fields for seamless Salesforce mapping. Then we’ll automatically sync the information into your Salesforce instance. This data helps you generate more leads, capture contacts, and assign tasks—no more need to manually log the data for each guest.

The integration is easy to set-up with no technical experience necessary. With our Salesforce Rules Manager, you have the flexibility to configure how Envoy fields map into Salesforce. Set it, then forget it.

Get a holistic view of your reopening

The right data can be powerful in the hands of your reopening team. Not only to make decisions that keep employees safe and productive but also to protect your business from liability. That’s why we're partnering with Salesforce to empower businesses with the data they need to make confident workplace safety decisions. Visibility into workplace activity helps your team stay informed so they can make smart decisions that protect your people and business. When your employees are healthy, they can be productive. But if an employee gets sick, they could be out of work for a few weeks. This could cause delays on tasks and projects. Not to mention, your business could be at risk if something happens because you didn’t have the right protocols in place. Now you can track all workplace activity, across your locations, in your Workplace Command Center. By pulling in Envoy real-time data on workplace occupancy, employee health, and visitor activity, your whole team can stay informed. Use this data to create workplace safety protocols on capacity, space planning, and workplace readiness. Then Envoy gives you the tools you need to carry these out. Automated health questionnaires, capacity management, and desk booking help you stay compliant while safely welcoming people into your space.

Helping you prepare to reopen—and stay open

Maybe your doors are already open to all your employees. Or your team is planning to work from home through the rest of the year. Either way, Envoy and Salesforce can help you stay prepared. You can set up Envoy at all your offices in less than 30 minutes without any previous knowledge or technical expertise required. Welcome employees and visitors to the office that day, knowing they’ll be safe. Then sync this data into your Workplace Command Center to manage safety and preparedness from a single hub.

As the workplace continues to evolve, safety will remain a priority. You can rely on iterations and improvements to this integration so that you can make the most of your data to create a safer workplace.

Learn more about how you can manage your COVID-19 response with Envoy and Salesforce’s Work.com.

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