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Digital sign-in: visitor management your workplace is waiting for

Thinking about taking the leap into digital visitor management? Here are some of the primary benefits to help you choose.
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Digital sign-in: visitor management your workplace is waiting for

While pen and paper log books used to get the job done, they don’t really fit in with the way visitor management––or business ––is done today. Paper-based log books frustrate staff because they’re difficult to manage, and they don’t convey a good first impression to visitors.

Fortunately, workplace technology has gotten to the point where businesses don’t have to rely on antiquated manual systems. Many visitor management systems today only require an internet connection, so rest assured you can easily roll out a digital sign-in system regardless of your company size.

Thinking about taking the leap? Here are some of the primary benefits of digital visitor management systems to help you choose the best digital sign-in solution for your workplace.

Stay organized with a digital sign-in solution

Whether you’re working for a startup or an enterprise-sized company, it’s easy to lose track of who is in the building, where they are, and even if they have left. Rather than relying on your staff do the work of manually managing who is on-site, digital sign-in solutions simplify the data collection and visitor management process.

With digital sign-in technology, when guests arrive on-site and enter their information, their host is automatically notified. Your front desk teams don’t have to play phone tag or spend time emailing or texting employees. Plus, a digital record is automatically created in a secure database that can be easily referenced later on to verify who has visited, when, and for how long.

Of course, having a great digital sign-in experience isn’t too helpful if the visitors don’t make their scheduled meeting. Some visitor management solutions enable their users to generate invites for external individuals.

For example, if you’re scheduling a series of job interviews with candidates, or are hosting an event, your staff can enter visitor information beforehand. From there, invitations are sent, which contain essential details such as time, location, and instructions for arrival.

Keep visitor information secure with digital sign-in technology

Aside from convenience, digital sign-in solutions also help simplify compliance with a variety of regulations such as GDPR and Service Organization Controls (SOC). This frees up significant employee time and empowers them to focus on other important tasks, like greeting visitors, instead of worrying about whether you’re compliant with industry rules.

Many industry regulations require access to certain facilities to be limited to an “as-needed” basis, while others require all visitors to have their government IDs checked upon entry. Digitally logging visitor information helps you comply with those standards.

When storing personal information, even if it’s something as simple as a person’s name, you’re still expected to keep that information safe. That’s why many digital sign-in solution providers ensure data is encrypted when it’s sent to the server, use third-party vulnerability code testing providers, and ensure information is stored in secure data centers.

Improve employee experience with enhanced workplace technology

In addition to providing a memorable, positive first impression for visitors and maintaining compliance, improving employee experience is an important benefit of implementing visitor management systems with digital sign-in capabilities.

Why? When employees have to consistently troubleshoot cumbersome processes throughout their work day, this negatively impacts their overall workplace experience. In the case of visitor management, manual processes can create the following hurdles for employees:

  • Inability to effectively track who is in the building and why
  • Difficulty pairing hosts with visitors
  • Guesswork is deciphering illegible written visitor names, time of arrival, and when they left
  • Securely storing, maintaining, and accessing visitor logs in the future

By prioritizing the employee experience within your visitor management strategy, companies can directly address and relieve common employee pain points around navigating outdated tech or processes. This elevates the experience visitors have the moment they arrive because employees are better equipped and more empowered to focus on greeting and interacting with visitors––leaving a lasting great impression on them and making your employees' work day better.

Discover more about how digital sign-in technology can help your workplace maintain compliance and create a more secure visitor management plan with our workplace security report.

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