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Nov 9, 2023

8 ways recruiters can uplevel the candidate experience using visitor management

The experience a candidate has in your workplace can be make or break when it comes to accepting the offer.
Madison Stein
Head of Brand and Content
8 ways recruiters can uplevel the candidate experience using visitor management

In order to get ahead in today’s competitive talent market, recruiting teams need to create a standout experience from the very first email with a candidate to their first day in the office once they’re hired. 

According to a Monster.com survey, 70% of candidates have turned down an offer because of a poor first impression of the company. But with all of the logistics it takes to get candidates in the door—like sourcing, vetting, phone screening, and scheduling—it’s hard for recruiters to dedicate time to nailing the candidate experience onsite. 

To handle all of these daunting responsibilities and get high-caliber prospects onsite, recruiting teams find themselves relying on more and more tools to get their work done. Without these tools, they risk missing important steps in the process that are prone to human error. It takes more than just behind-the-scenes logistics to hire top talent. The experience a candidate has in your workplace can be make or break when it comes to them accepting the offer.  

Recruiting integrations to make the candidate experience shine

We’re excited to share that Envoy now connects with some of the best recruiting tools out there to help streamline the entire recruiting process. We’ve teamed up with Greenhouse and GoodTime to make it even easier for recruiting teams to simplify their workflows and uplevel the candidate experience. 

Here are 8 ways recruiting teams can make the most out of Envoy. 

1. Cut coordinating time in half

Don’t waste time manually copy-pasting information from one recruiting tool to another. When you invite a candidate to interview onsite through Greenhouse or GoodTime this will automatically invite them through Envoy as well.

2. Stop switching between tools

You already have enough tools in your recruiting tech stack. The beauty in the Envoy integration is that it takes away manual steps by automating repetitive tasks so you can focus on the core of being a recruiter: the candidate experience. Once you set up the sync between your recruiting tool and Envoy, you’ll only need to operate through one tool to schedule interviews and send out invites. 

3. Get candidates all the info they need before arrival with a visitor management integration

There’s nothing worse than a candidate getting lost on the way to an interview or not being able to connect to the internet so they can pull up a presentation. With Envoy, you can make sure candidates have all of the information they need ahead of their visit. 

Once you schedule your interview through Greenhouse or GoodTime you can automatically send an invite email through Envoy with all of the information they need ahead of their visit. Customize the email to include tips on where to park, how early to arrive, or what they should expect onsite. 

You can also set up a customized welcome email to send right when a visitor signs in. Share information like your Wi-Fi password and emergency procedures so candidates feel prepared.

4. Wow them with a great first impression

Put candidates at ease from the moment they arrive. Greet them with a modern sign-in that shows your brand’s personality through a customized welcome screen. They’ll enter their details and sign any necessary documents right on the iPad. You can print branded badges on the spot, leaving all of your candidates with a polished, professional first impression.

5. Never leave a candidate waiting

The candidate experience starts way before they walk in the door, but if they’re left waiting in your lobby that can impact the experience. Envoy will automatically notify you or your interviewer when the candidate arrives, saving you time and hassle from chasing down your teammates to go greet them. You can even choose how you want to receive notifications—on Envoy Mobile, email, Slack, Microsoft Teams and more.

Plus, you can even take your candidate’s photo when they sign in through the iPad kiosk. Automatically send the photo to the host after sign in, so they’ll always know who to greet and when—making awkward meetings and the name guessing game a thing of the past. 

6. Make sure the interview room is always ready

Have you booked a meeting room for your interview, only to find someone else in the room while you’re giving the candidate a tour around your office?  Secure your space by checking in on an iPad outside the room, or on the go through Slack, Microsoft Teams, or the Envoy mobile app.  

7. Get valuable feedback about the  candidate experience

Send your candidate a brief survey through Envoy to get feedback on their experience on-site. You can set up an automated email 24 hours after they signed in, asking “How was your visit?”. They can rate their visit as positive or negative, with an option to comment and select what factors were important to them.

8. Make smarter, data-driven decisions

Since Envoy is a visitor management tool, it holds rich data that your team can use to further elevate the candidate experience. With analytics on your visitors and sign-in process, you can get access to insights such as: 

  • The busiest days at your workplace, 
  • The most popular times to have candidates onsite,
  • What meeting rooms are most likely to be free so you can make smarter decisions about how to improve the candidate experience.

Having the right software in place is critical to a high-functioning recruiting team, and a high-functioning workplace. You can access these integrations, and more, on the Premium Visitors plan. Head to the integrations page to connect Envoy to Greenhouse or GoodTime, or start your free trial today.

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Madison Stein
Madison Stein

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