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6 ways to impress event visitors with Envoy

Ready to impress? In this post, discover six ways Envoy can help you elevate your event experience.
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6 ways to impress event visitors with Envoy

Whether you're organizing a conference, trade show, or any other employee event, capturing event data and providing a seamless experience for your attendees is crucial. For many businesses, events are a way to spark interest in your brand, and give you a valuable window of opportunity to show off your product. It’s therefore crucial that you make a good first impression with your audience.With Envoy, you can invite your guests to events you are hosting and streamline the registration and sign-in process. You can also integrate with your existing event management tools, automate badge printing, and even track attendance on the day. In this article, we'll explore 6 ways that Envoy can help you host a memorable event that stays with your guests long after they’ve left. Let's dive in.

1. Capture event data

One of the main reasons you hold an event is to capture valuable attendee data. Events are a great time to impress prospects, connect with existing customers, and showcase your brand. With Envoy, you can pair as many iPads as you like to a single location and capture all attendees’ information on one dashboard. That means all names and contact information are recorded and easy to view at a glance or export after the event.

2. Create a customized sign-in flow

When you host or exhibit at an event, you’ll want to impress your visitors by ensuring they can easily sign-in or leave their information when they want to. A customized sign-in flow for your event visitors allows you to make a great impression. It can streamline any laborious sign-in process (which is great for larger groups) or personalize it to the folks you know are attending. Here are some recommendations on how to create a customized sign-in flow that will make your visitors smile and remember your brand.

  • Sign-in fields: Typically for events, the fewer sign-in fields, the better. Folks want to talk to you and learn more about what your brand can offer. They’re not there to spend a long time filling in forms and dropdowns.
  • Legal documents: If it’s possible, disable legal document signing for the “event” visitor type. This ensures the sign-in process stays streamlined and quick. If you do require visitors to sign a legal document, try to make it as short as possible so it takes less time to read.
  • Photo: If you don’t need photos for the event, then disable them in your sign-in flow. This will not only quicken the process, but also ensures nobody feels uncomfortable having their photo snapped (often from a bad angle!).
  • Host: Removing the host field from the sign-in flow stops the host getting notified when their visitors arrive. Because events can be so busy, this might be a good option to explore as a way of quieting the noise and focusing on what matters: the people!

3. Integrate with other tools

Integrations are incredibly useful when running or exhibiting at an event. They add to the smooth running of a show, and ensure you get everything you need when the event wraps up. Here are a few useful integrations when using Envoy for your upcoming event.

  • Eventbrite: If you use Eventbrite for event management, you can import your Eventbrite attendees into Envoy as invited guests. That means that when an attendee signs in at the event, all of their details will auto-populate the fields. Quick and easy.
  • Salesforce: If you plan to follow up with your event attendees as sales leads, you’ll likely want to enable Salesforce as an integration before your event. This means that when each attendee signs in, they’ll be added as a lead in your Salesforce account. You can enable this for specific visitor types too, which helps keep clutter out of Salesforce.
  • Mailchimp: Adding a MailChimp integration before your event is a great idea if you’d like to keep your attendees on a mailing list. You can enable the MailChimp integration for specific visitor types (like “Events”) and even specify which list they are added to.

Want to know more about our integrations? Click here.

4. Print badges for visitors

Remember the classic film scene when the protagonist is trying to sneak into an event and has to steal a random name badge from a table in order to gain access? While this might fit into the movie scenes we know and love, in real life it now feels a bit outdated.Avoid folks getting frustrated looking for their badge and you having to sort out any issues if people can’t spot their name. Instead, utilize badge printing with Envoy. When set up as part of your event sign-in process, attendees can automatically print their badge when they complete their sign-int

5. Group invites for registering ahead of time

Instead of asking each attendee to fill out an event invite form, you can create multiple invites at once from your dashboard. This is particularly useful if you want to send bulk invites for different visitor types. Here’s how:

  1. Go to Visitors > Invites.
  2. Click “New invite.”
  3. Select Group invite from the top navigation.
  4. Select the correct location and visitor type.
  5. Optional: Enter a Group name that you can use to reference these visitors in the logs.Tip: Use the name of the event so that guests can easily spot the invite email.
  6. You can either type in or paste the invite details in the grid below.
  7. Optional: Check the Send invite email box if you want to send these people an email confirming their upcoming visit, and select whether the Group name should be included in the subject of the invite.
  8. Click “Create invites.”


6. See who didn’t attend (and follow up)

If you invited your attendees using pre-registration, you can use the dashboard to see which expected attendees actually arrived and which did not. This is helpful if you’d like to send a targeted follow-up message to those who did not attend.Invited attendees who did arrive will have a yellow bar to the left of their invite. Attendees who did arrive will have a green (signed in) or gray (signed in and signed out) bar to the left of their invite.No matter if event attendees were invited in advance or simply signed in on the iPad, you’ll have a full list of event attendees stored in Envoy. You can simply keep this list for your records, or you can choose to follow up with attendees in a variety of ways.–If you’re event organizer or simply looking to bid farewell to cumbersome sign-in processes for your business, Envoy is a great solution for you. By elevating your attendees’ experience and streamlining your sign-in process, you can make a memorable impression on your visitors while also maximizing the potential of your events. For more information on how to use Envoy for events, check out our help article or book a meeting with someone to show you.

Hot feature: Envoy will also remember past guests for an easier check-in experience! That means that folks who attended last time won’t need to go through the sign-in process again. They’ll simply start typing their name and spot their information in the drop down.

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