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I bring a wide range of experience and skills in technology, education, and non-profits to plan and deliver high-quality projects with impact. I've run a non-profit college-access organization and I've deployed a youth membership management system across the US. I have a strong understanding of the arcane world of education data and I've contributed to an international education data standard. I've built tech installations for live events, and I've helped design and coordinate unique fundraiser experiences. I’m a great developer, and I have a pretty good eye for design too, and I love delivering products that work well and look good.

Companies need to re-architect the workplace experience for flexible work. Here are the three areas they should lean into to be successful.

Before the pandemic, companies generally fell into one of two buckets: remote-first or office-first. But now there’s a newer bucket that’s emerging: hybrid work. Sitting somewhere in the middle, hybrid work empowers employees to choose whether they go into an office or not.

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The best way to adopt workplace technology that employees will actually use is to focus on tools that resonate with how they work.

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