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Tap into the power of workplace analytics

Get the insights that give you a comprehensive view of all your workplaces and help you optimize your space.


Unlock the insights you need to make smarter decisions about your space

Understand foot traffic trends

Measure workplace attendance rates across days, weeks, and months. Analyze data at a birds-eye view or on a more granular level–observing occupancy metrics across locations, individuals, teams, and more.

Save on space costs

Use workplace analytics to find out which floors, desks, neighborhoods, and rooms are being underutilized or exceeding capacity. You can then adjust your real estate footprint to save cost based on accurate data.

Get return-to-office right

Measure the effectiveness of your return-to-office policies by observing occupancy trends by location, neighborhood, and team. Fine-tune your strategies and draw more teams in with a data-driven approach.

Balance resources with occupancy

Understand which days are busiest with comprehensive, reliable occupancy data from key sources like door access scans and WiFi connections.

Understand how teams use space

Gain insights into how folks use your space throughout the week. From meeting rooms and hot desks to quiet zones and social areas–see what spaces and amenities are most popular with your people and why.

Right-size your space

Find the sweet spot for how much space you actually need. Prevent space so big that it feels empty, or so small that it’s cramped.

Share insights with stakeholders

Send reports of visitors data to relevant teams on a regular basis. Schedule relevant reports for different departments, regions, and initiatives. Envoy embeds visual charts and tables to clearly display the metrics of your choice.

Pull the reports you need for audits

Easily track which visitors have signed NDAs, completed safety training, and submitted health documents before they come onsite. Make compliance audits pain free and export up-to-date, anonymized records when you need to.

Increase workplace security

Keep your people and assets safe by tracking employee attendance patterns.

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What is workplace analytics software?

Workplace analytics software helps you understand more about your workplace from a data-driven perspective. It integrates with various tools to collect, analyze, and present data within your organization. This might be employee attendance patterns, resource utilization, or space optimization metrics.

Armed with the right data, you can better understand the full picture of how your  workplaces are running. For example, you might find that people book desks in the week and then don’t show up to the office. Wasted space is wasted cost, so with this insight you can find better uses for your space or choose to downsize.

Workplace analytics as a solution can range from simple time tracking tools to a more comprehensive, integrated software solution. With workplace analytics, you can identify areas for improvement and make confident decisions, backed by data, that drive better outcomes for your organization.

Benefits of workplace analytics

Workplace analytics gives you a better understanding of your workplace and how people interact with it. Here are a few benefits of investing in a workplace analytics solution:

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Increased efficiency

With workplace analytics, you can see a clear picture of how people use the workplace and can quickly improve it based on the data you see. Employees will benefit from a more efficient and well-run workplace, where they can be productive while on site.

Improved decision-making

Workplace analytics enable you to take action and support initiatives confidently because you have accurate data to back you up. So whether you need to understand your highest foot traffic days or identify under-utilized space, you have all the data you need in one dashboard.

Unified, reliable insights

Ensure accurate occupancy data by integrating your workplace analytics tool with your access control system, and automatically signing employees in when they scan their badge. With reliable attendance data, you can make smarter decisions around your space layout and onsite policy.

More employee productivity

You can empower your employees to be productive onsite by designing the workplace to support their different working needs. This might be using workplace analytics to see which days of the week the workplace is busiest, helping you to know how to adjust your space for onsite collaboration, casual hangouts, or heads-down work.

Cost savings

With workplace analytics, you get an accurate and detailed picture of your workplace and how everyone uses it. With this insight, you can optimally organize your space and make better decisions around how to spend your cost–especially when it comes to unnecessary or unused space and general resourcing in your workplace.

“I gather a ton of data about our facilities so we can make strategic decisions in each location. Envoy has made my job a lot easier with office utilization metrics.”

Sydney Swanson
Workplace Operations Manager at Checkr

Access the information you need to make better business decisions

Generating the right reports when you need to is one of the most important capabilities of any analytics solution. But to get right reports, you must start with capturing the right data. With Envoy’s workplace analytics, you can analyze metrics from across all of your workplace locations from one, easy-to-use dashboard.

Automatically email relevant reports on a regular basis. Schedule reports for different departments, regions, and initiatives. Envoy embeds visual charts and tables to clearly display the metrics of your choice.

Here’s some key metrics you can measure with workplace analytics:

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  • ✅ Registrations and sign-ins by type
  • ✅ Visitor space utilization
  • ✅ Visitor volume
  • ✅ Busiest times


  • ✅ Room booking by day
  • ✅ Most used amenities
  • ✅ Most used room capacities
  • ✅ Wasted space saved


  • ✅ Packages triaged
  • ✅ Top recipients
  • ✅ Pending deliveries
  • ✅ Fastest vs longest to pick up


  • ✅ Desk utilization
  • ✅ Employee usage
  • ✅ Desk usage by floor
  • ✅ Desk usage by neighborhood

Discover what people love about workplace analytics

Envoy has helped our business return to work safely following the Covid-19 pandemic. Our company has managed to adopt Envoy into our new working structure and all staff have found it very useful to not only hot desk but plan working schedules around Envoy and its analytics. Envoy has also helped our company streamline data on office usage and operation meeting room use.

Envoy has helped our business return to work safely following the Covid-19 pandemic. Our company has managed to adopt Envoy into our new working structure and all staff have found it very useful to not only hot desk but plan working schedules around Envoy and its analytics. Envoy has also helped our company streamline data on office usage and operation meeting room use.

Envoy has helped our business return to work safely following the Covid-19 pandemic. Our company has managed to adopt Envoy into our new working structure and all staff have found it very useful to not only hot desk but plan working schedules around Envoy and its analytics. Envoy has also helped our company streamline data on office usage and operation meeting room use.

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Fuel your return-to-office policy with accurate, real-time data

Returning to the office can help drive culture, team bonding, and productivity. The more in-person time you can have together, the more you can cultivate a stronger workplace community.

With workplace analytics, you can measure your return-to-office policies with a data-driven approach by observing attendance trends by location, neighborhood, and individual. You can also fine-tune your space for collaboration by comparing workplace analytics across your office locations on what works better for bringing teams together.

But your own data is only half the picture. To understand the larger picture of the return-to-office wave, access insights from how 10,000+ companies around the globe are navigating being back in the office. Check out our At Work report for the latest RTO stats.

Discover the power of analytics in Envoy Workplace

Individual solutions are helpful in offering insights into one piece of the puzzle. But just imagine the power of workplace analytics when it can connect to an entire workplace platform and give you a comprehensive overview of all the pieces that make up your workplaces.

From Rooms to Desks to Deliveries, check out Envoy Workplace today and unleash the full potential of unified workplace analytics.

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Envoy Rooms

Easily book the right room for the task on hand either in advance or right outside the meeting room door. Free up unused space so more people can collaborate onsite.

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Envoy Desks

Empower employees to reserve a desk near coworkers to collaborate. Monitor space usage to adapt your workplace to work better for your team.

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Envoy Deliveries

Save time and hassle to ensure incoming deliveries reach their rightful owners with automated mailroom software.


Get smart with your space and create a more vibrant workplace

Optimize your space for teams to come together by leveraging one workplace analytics dashboard as your source of truth.

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View occupancy and space utilization in one place

Use global insights to understand what floors are being used the most versus those that sit empty. You can also find out which office locations are experiencing the highest level of check-ins–both from employees and visitors.

Based on the data, you can decide if you need to expand or reduce your real estate against your budget.

Save on space costs

With workplace analytics software, you can find the sweet spot for how much office space you actually need. You can prevent space that feels big, unused, and empty. Or avoid overcrowded spaces that discourage people from coming onsite.

Rightsizing your workspace will help you save on real estate costs and plan for the growth of your business.

Optimize your space for your teams

Utilize analytics to understand how your employees actually use the office space around them.

Based on the data, you can improve your workplace for employees by creating the types of spaces they need, like quiet areas, social spaces, and productivity zones.

“Envoy’s analytics give quantifiable rationale to Street Soccer Scotland’s mission. The center has welcomed over 15,000 visitors in less than a year, and can directly link that foot traffic to key programs.”

Business Development Manager at Street Soccer Scotland
Read the full customer story

Schedule and send detailed insights to stakeholders

With Envoy Visitors, you can pull detailed reports on global and location-specific activities and trends. You can also share unique, real-time data directly to stakeholders via email on a set schedule. Each scheduled email presents the metrics of your choice as visual charts and tables, so you no longer have to worry about manually updating your key stakeholders. Watch the video below to learn more.

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Still have questions about workplace analytics?

Why should my company invest in workplace analytics software?

Workplace analytics software provides you with the much-needed data set on how your physical workplace is being used. Whether it’s analyzing desk usage, visitor patterns, room cancellations or more, workplace analytics software helps you prioritize and improve your physical office locations based on accurate and real-time data. This visibility equips you with the information you need to make better-informed decisions about your workplace.

How does workplace analytics impact employee engagement?

When your workplace runs efficiently and can support your employees’ needs, employee happiness will only increase. With workplace analytics, you can optimize your space to meet everyone’s needs based on accurate data. This could be a report that tells you what desk areas go unused so you can convert that space into a meeting room. Or what days of the week are busiest so you can order extra snacks for your employees. Workplace analytics is your not-so secret superpower to personalize your office and improve your space for everyone inside.

Can workplace analytics be integrated with other tools and systems?

Yes! Workplace analytics plugs and plays with a ton of different tools to give you a more complete picture of the workplace. With Envoy, workplace analytics software can integrate with any solution that powers your workplace–from a visitor management system to hot desking.

What kind of data is collected with workplace analytics software?

Not every piece of data will be insightful to every single company. After all, each organization is unique–especially when it comes to their workplace. It’s therefore important that the metrics reflect that. Workplace analytics software can collect all kinds of data, but here are just a few:

Desk usage data examples

  • Which employees book which desk, including when and how often.
  • Which floor has the highest desk usage rate.
  • Which neighborhood has the highest desk usage rate.

Visitor data examples

  • How many visitors got approved to register versus denied.
  • What type of sign-in is the most popular for visitors onsite. E.g. mobile, iPad, or desktop. Total arrivals versus expected arrivals for employees onsite.

Room usage data examples

  • Which meeting meeting rooms are booked on each day.
  • What amenities are utilized the most in meeting rooms. E.g. Zoom room, phone booths, or couch areas.
  • What sized room is the most popular per week.

Is Envoy’s workplace analytics customizable?

Envoy’s workplace analytics dashboard can be customized to reflect the exact metrics you need to access. Easily integrated with different tools, you can add your company branding to your workplace analytics dashboard and tailor the data to reflect your organization’s set-up. For example, with Envoy Visitors, you can create unique sign-in flows for different visitor types to collect the right information you need. This might be different registration questions for different visitor types or locations. You can then use workplace analytics to gain insights into this uniquely created data.

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