60 minutes

Workplace trends: traffic and space usage

Since the start of the pandemic, workplace leaders have worked tirelessly to adapt to changing times. This has included pivoting directions to adjust to new circumstances and making important decisions based on limited data.

To address the need for leaders to understand how the workplace is evolving, Envoy will be publishing At Work: the 2022 workplace trends report. This report is the product of extensive research, including analyzing more than 20 million workplace sign-ins around the globe and surveying 400+ workplace leaders.

In advance of the full report’s release, join us for our next webinar, Workplace Trends: traffic and space usage. Envoy’s Head of Data Analytics Jonathan Weindel will present the results of his team’s research, covering foot traffic and space usage trends over the past two years and what to expect this year and beyond.

  1. Findings from At Work: the 2022 workplace trends report
  2. Foot traffic and space usage data from the past two years
  3. Workplace trends and challenges to plan for
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Jonathan Weindel
Head of Data Analytics


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