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Open for business: Insights from the return to the workspace

Live Webinar 09/30/21 10am PT

When it comes to working onsite, employees really want: flexible work options, robust safety protocols, and better work experiences for all. As companies bring employees back to workspaces, it is critical to take these ideas into consideration. 

Join us for a panel discussion led by Kay Sargent, HOK’s global Director of Workplace practice and presented by Envoy and Work Design Magazine. Panelists will include leaders from Sauce Labs, Colliers, and Māk Interiors in conversation about the realities of returning to the workplace and creating people-centric spaces. 

Everyone who registers and attends the live webinar will be entered for a chance to receive a complimentary return to work gift from Envoy.

This webinar will cover:

  1. The challenges companies face when reopening
  2. Findings from recent surveys conducted by HOK and Envoy
  3. How companies and employees think about being back in the office

Dustin Hutton-Alcorn

HR Manager, Sauce Labs
Matt Headshot (Square 2)

Matt Carlson

Executive Vice President, Colliers

Amber Kingsnorth

Principle & founder, MāK Interiors

Kay Sargent

Director of Workplace, HOK