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How Lionsgate is setting up their flexible workplace

Going into the office today has different implications than it did a year ago. Because of this, businesses are adopting a hybrid work approach. How can workplace leaders adapt their space to offer flexibility for employees and ensure they stay safe and healthy?

Heather Somaini, Chief Administrative Officer (CAO) at Lionsgate, shares how they are setting up a flexible workplace to keep employees safe. We dove into the technology that is supporting this initiative and showed a live demo of how to set up and use Envoy Desks.

During this webinar, you'll learn:

  1. What it’s like as an employee going into the office in this new normal
  2. What types of technology can help employees feel safe on-site
  3. How to adjust office space to save costs and improve operations
  4. How to use Envoy Protect and Desks to manage a flexible workplace
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Heather Somaini

Chief Administrative Officer, Lionsgate
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Madison Stein

Product Marketing Manager, Envoy