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Best practices for physical security and access control for multi-location companies

Does your company have the right security systems and protocols to secure multiple locations? Join us for an exclusive webinar featuring Brandon Bourque, Global Security Project Manager at Biogen, where he’ll share his expertise on best practices for physical security and access control.

Safeguarding employees, property, and valuable intellectual property is paramount, especially in the life sciences industry. With stringent regulatory and compliance standards, implementing effective physical security and access control measures are necessities that any company with a large physical footprint can learn from, regardless of industry.

Join us for this recorded webinar with Brandon Bourque and learn how their using Envoy data to make important security decisions.

  • Maintaining Consistent Security Standards: Discover how Brandon leads effective security programs at Biogen that balances employee convenience with robust security measures, while also keeping up to date with emerging technologies that will shape the future of physical security.
  • Key Components of an Effective Access Control Program: Gain insights into choosing the right tech stack that empowers facility managers, security staff, and employees to operate seamlessly while maintaining security protocols.
  • Data-Driven Security Decisions: Learn how Brandon leverages Biogen’s workplace data to inform and drive their security decisions, leading to a safer and more secure work environment.
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Brandon Bourque
Manager of Global Security Technology & Projects
Vivian Chau
Solutions Marketing Manager


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