Connect your workplace to your building's security desk

Provide a seamless visitor experience, from the ground floor to your office door

Illustration of somebody visiting the workplace. Signing in at reception desk. Man works on sofa next to a sleeping dog
Illustration showing a building with multiple floors all using Envoy multi-tenant visitor management system.

Simplify visitor sign-in

  • Create a polished first impression and exceptional visitor experience
  • Keep your teams safe with a reliable security checkpoint for all guests
  • Integrate with communication tools your teams already use daily like Outlook, Teams, Slack
  • Deliver a personalized experience with custom branded invitations
Illustration of someone being greeted at an Envoy equipped reception desk.

Get the most out of Envoy Visitors

Manage office capacity

Schedule employee office shifts and keep count of how many people are on-site at any one time so you can prevent overcrowding.

Enhance the candidate experience

Put job candidates at ease by sending detailed instructions in advance. Instant notifications let your recruiters know when candidates arrive, so they can greet them in a timely manner.

Free up unused rooms

Know exactly what time contractors or employees start and end their shift to reduce payroll errors and save your accounting team time.