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Whether you manage a law office, run the front desk at a consulting agency, or lead security at an accounting firm, you know that balancing the client and employee experience can be tricky. But with the right expertise and planning, you can create an office that’s welcoming and supportive of everyone. That’s where this resource hub comes in. Explore the blog posts, interactive assets, and downloadable templates below to fine-tune your office management skills and create a stand-out experience for clients and employees alike.

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Illustration of a man in a suit talking to a member of staff at a desk. In the background is graphs and charts


Is your workplace security missing the mark? Don’t panic. Learn how to audit your physical workplace security with this essential checklist.

Compliance getting you down? Learn how to conduct an internal audit with this easy & comprehensive audit checklist.

Adopting a hybrid work model is no easy feat, so we created this handy checklist to help your firm take the right steps.

Tip sheets

Use these custom email templates to make a lasting impression on every client you invite to the office.

Learn about all the considerations and strategies for planning an ideal hybrid work week.

Learn how to create a great visitor experience, including tips for building your visitor policy and ensuring guests feel welcomed.

Downloadable assets

Give your clients a polished first impression while safeguarding your people, property, and ideas.

We’ve created the ultimate planning guide to help you map out the steps to design the ideal hybrid work week.

Envoy solutions

Learn how you can use Envoy to create an onsite experience your clients and employees will love.

Hybrid work solutions

Make it easy for your team to work flexibly in the office

Workplace platform

Bring all of your office management solutions together in on platform


Choose a platform that connects to the tools your team and employees already use.

Envoy Visitors

Give your clients a warm welcome while keeping your team and office safe.

Envoy Rooms

Make it easy for employees to find and reserve the best space for client meetings.

Envoy Desks

Empower employees to book a desk for heads-down work or team collaboration

An illustration of an female employee arriving at the office greeting another member of staff

Bring your team back to a safe, flexible workplace

Think Envoy would be a great fit for your company? We created a kit of downloadable resources to help you champion Envoy at your organization. To access it, click the link below.