Smart features to help you deal with deliveries

From arrival to pickup, Envoy Deliveries has features that help your mailroom practically run itself.

Recording deliveries

Easy recording

The Envoy mobile app makes it easy to record details for each delivery—no new hardware needed.

Snap a photo to record deliveries
Manually record deliveries from the mobile app
Add notes about deliveries to provide additional information to recipients

Advanced technology

Smart technology makes your job easier. Just snap a photo of each delivery, and the rest happens behind the scenes.

Optical character recognition transcribes the detectable text in each photo
Algorithms match the recipient name with the correct employee in your directory
Built-in troubleshooting improves accuracy

Package Management

Delivery dashboard

Your digital delivery log creates a paper trail without the paper. Monitor it daily, or know its there when you need it.

Have an instant record of every delivery
Choose which details you need at a glance
Edit delivery details like recipient or carrier
Move deliveries to other delivery areas
Sort, filter, and export with a click
Move, delete, or edit multiple deliveries at once

Secure pickup

With flexible pickup features, you can ensure you’ll always know what packages were picked up and when.

Update pickup status from mobile app or dashboard
Install an iPad kiosk where recipients can view and pick up deliveries
Require recipients to sign for their packages
Capture recipient photos at pickup for extra accountability
Let recipients mark packages as “picked up” from email or Slack


Tracking packages with a paper and pen makes it hard to be data-driven. But Envoy brings the data right to you.

Track total deliveries by arrival date and time
Know how long deliveries linger before pickup
Track hours saved, top recipients, and more
Receive weekly analytics updates via email


Recipient notifications

Automatic notifications alert recipients when their deliveries are ready for pick-up, saving you the time and effort.

Notify recipients when their packages arrive
Choose to send via Slack, email, or both
Add custom details to recipient notifications

Automatic reminders

Reminders help people pick up their packages faster, so you can make room for more incoming deliveries.

Automatically remind recipients to pick up their packages
Select how often to automatically send reminders
Manually resend reminders at any time

Notification scheduling

Customize your schedule to suit your needs. You can set office hours, delay notifications, or send them 24/7.

Customize when your notifications are sent
Specify your office or working hours
Add a delay, so you have time to get organized
Allow employees to snooze notifications


Nicknames help bridge the gap between the names that appear on packages and the names listed in your directory.

Add employees who go by alternate names
Use nicknames for recent name changes
Assign contacts for departmental deliveries

Account administration

One Envoy account

Add Envoy Deliveries to your existing Envoy account, and get started with delivery management in minutes.

Add delivery areas to any location
Use your existing employee directory
Keep billing on a unified cycle
Easily expand when needed

Flexible delivery areas

Whether you receive packages at your front desk or have multiple mailrooms, Deliveries works for any workplace.

Have one or more delivery areas per location
Customize settings per delivery area
Move deliveries between delivery areas
View a global delivery log for all locations

User permissions

Role-based administration lets you provide the right level of Envoy access to employees and administrators.

Assign administrators to record deliveries
Let employees manage their own packages
Assign assistants for executives’ deliveries

Cloud-based solution

Keeping everything in the cloud makes Envoy easy to setup and maintain—so it’s one less thing to worry about.

Easy setup and fast deployment
No proprietary on-prem hardware
Keep maintenance to a minimum
Instantly access new features