Jul 21, 2022

Hello, Connected Workplace: Envoy’s Workplace Platform Delivers 100+ Integrated Apps for Nearly Every Office Need

Growing app marketplace connects employees and workplace leaders to the tech that makes the workplace work better
Hello, Connected Workplace: Envoy’s Workplace Platform Delivers 100+ Integrated Apps for Nearly Every Office Need

SAN FRANCISCO--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Running a workplace is complicated. But running a hybrid workplace with a distributed workforce is even trickier. The challenge for leaders is the constantly changing environment that often leaves them scrambling for solutions. What they need are the right automation and analytics tools and a platform that brings them all together to get work done.

Today, Envoy announced a marketplace of 100+ applications and integrations that connects everything in the office to its continuously-expanding workplace platform. Envoy’s marketplace is one of the largest of its kind. With it, workplace teams automate office tasks, connect devices, and share resources like desks or rooms to ensure efficiency.

"To be effective in this dynamic environment, companies need to be more thoughtful about the workplace and step up the employee experience,” said Larry Gadea, Founder and CEO at Envoy. “Our partners can focus on building best-of-breed solutions that they're already great at. They can remain confident that they'll not only get distribution through one of the largest workplace platforms, but access to existing enterprise workflows. And our customers get to choose from over a hundred integrations that keep their workplaces running. This is the value of the Envoy platform and why we're so excited.”

Create workplace experiences employees will love

Employees depend on personal apps to simplify their everyday lives. Why not simplify their work lives too? With integrations to the most-loved tools, employees can easily book the space and resources they need for the office.

For example, with Envoy’s Slack integration, people can see who’s on-site or where they’re sitting by checking their Slack status. They can book a conference room or desk, or receive visitor or package notifications through Slack, Microsoft Outlook, or Google. Coming in for the day? Through integrations, employees can order lunch or unlock doors with a simple swipe. And soon, they’ll be able to reserve parking spots, office lockers, and any type of collaboration space.

Connect and automate the workplace

Workplace leaders keep their spaces running smoothly with the help of Envoy’s integrations. Integrating your workplace technology saves time. There’s no longer a need to manually pull data or perform mundane tasks that can be automated. Envoy’s integrations come in all sizes and functionalities for nearly every workplace need. The most popular categories on the marketplace are:

  • Customized notifications - Send visitor and delivery alerts or workplace announcements through your channel of choice: Slack, Microsoft Teams, email, SMS, or the Envoy app.
  • Access control - Manage who’s allowed into the office with Kisi, OpenPath, or Lenel.
  • Space management - Free up unused desk bookings based on real-time updates with Butlr. Or, take advantage of the AVPMi integration to automate parking passes for visitors.
  • Food delivery - Order meals for those scheduled to come into the office through
  • Security - Protect the workspace and secure company data with Rhombus Systems.

Envoy apps are customizable and configurable. And if an integration or app doesn't exist on Envoy, developers can build one using Envoy’s Developer Platform.

Do more with a hybrid workplace platform

Every day, hundreds of millions of workers around the world commute to offices to get work done. Juggling the complexity of hybrid work is an issue for many of these workplaces. But for the 10,000+ office managers who use Envoy’s workplace platform, navigating flexible work is just another day at the office. The platform helps streamline processes that can get in the way of great work and community building. It also saves managers time and money by consolidating Envoy’s services and integrations into a single dashboard.

With Envoy’s mobile app, employees stay connected to their workplace. They can see who’s coming into the office and when. They can coordinate schedules with coworkers, or reserve desks and conference rooms on demand. They can even upload covid vaccination records or attest to their health status before setting foot in the office.

Interested in what a connected workplace looks like? Check out our blog for the full experience.

About Envoy

Envoy empowers over 16,000 workplaces and properties around the globe to redefine how their workplaces run. We connect people, spaces, and data in one seamlessly integrated workplace platform, providing a single solution to manage every aspect of any facility, anywhere. Companies of all sizes can deliver unrivaled employee and visitor experiences to optimize working together in-person. By capturing data and space usage across multiple sources, we help customers make informed workplace resourcing and investment decisions–all while supporting the requirements of operating a secure, safe and fully compliant workplace. We power the places where people work best together.

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