Feb 15, 2023

Envoy Reimagines Room Booking for Hybrid Workplaces to Prevent Wasted Space

Automated nudges free up space, helping employees secure the right size meeting room, while new advanced analytics simplify workplace forecasting
Envoy Reimagines Room Booking for Hybrid Workplaces to Prevent Wasted Space

SAN FRANCISCO--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Envoy, the workplace platform that’s revolutionizing the way offices run, today introduced the latest space-saving solutions and workplace analytics for Envoy Rooms.

Automation is making lives easier. Cars have driver assistance. Phones send nudges to confirm reservations and reminders to hit daily fitness goals. The workplace shouldn’t be the exception. Driving office efficiency tops every leader’s to-do list, yet workplaces have been slow to offer the same modern experiences. Envoy’s latest solutions aim to optimize room capacity and automate the reallocation of meeting space so that workplace leaders can run locations more efficiently without adding to their workload.

Rely on easy automation to free up unused space

For those who run workplaces, few things are more frustrating than booked rooms going unused when others need them. Envoy’s newest Space Saver solutions make it easier for anyone to secure rooms for last-minute meetings. They work by freeing up valuable inventory in two new ways:

  • Room resizer: Frees up bigger conference rooms for larger meetings. If a large-size room is booked for a meeting with only a few confirmed onsite attendees, Envoy sends a nudge to the meeting owner through tools employees use each day, like Slack or Microsoft Teams, suggesting a smaller room nearby.
  • Onsite room recapture: Eliminates frustrating “ghost meetings,” in which booked rooms go unused. Employees who haven’t signed into the office that day will get a reminder to release reserved rooms so that others can use them.

Smart nudges relieve workplace managers of the burden of manually reallocating space, room by room, while also optimizing existing space capacity. For employees, the nudges are reminders to release unnecessary reservations that can cause frustration among coworkers.

Once a space is freed up, employees can find and book a room that meets their needs on Envoy’s interactive map. Previously released Space Saver solutions, like recurring meeting cleanup and rooms release, have already freed up an equivalent of 25,000 days in meeting room time for others to use.

Make smart space decisions with data

With flexible schedules it’s nearly impossible to know, using intuition alone, who will be in the office and how much space is needed. Envoy now offers enhanced meeting room analytics that reveal patterns in the way employees use rooms and space resources. With a single dashboard on Envoy’s all-in-one workplace platform, workplace leaders can access real-time, granular data on room usage by amenities, room type, and day, as well as report on reclaimed room time. Based on this data, they can now better predict room occupancy trends, increase efficiencies, and make informed adjustments for expected changes in demand.

“Incremental efficiencies add up, especially when multiplied across square footage and locations,” said Jon Fan, Chief Product Officer at Envoy. “The key to maximizing efficiency is accurate, unified data that is easily accessible. Envoy’s reporting is out-of-the-box and integrated on a single dashboard which enables workplace leaders to see the big picture and make informed space decisions faster. With Envoy’s new analytics and automated nudges, they are better positioned to manage their space wisely and plan for the future."

Locate available space with interactive maps

The status of meeting rooms is always changing, which makes it important to be able to find what’s available in real-time. Thanks to a live map on Envoy’s mobile app, employees can locate and book free rooms and desks, planning their days around the people and spaces they need to get work done. They can see who’s onsite and where coworkers are sitting that day. They can also track down nearby printers and receive visitor and package notifications. In the near future, maps will include the ability to reserve parking spots, smart lockers, and collaboration spaces.

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About Envoy

Envoy empowers over 16,000 workplaces and properties around the globe to redefine how their workplaces run. We connect people, spaces, and data in one seamlessly integrated workplace platform, providing a single solution to manage every aspect of any facility, anywhere. Companies of all sizes can deliver unrivaled employee and visitor experiences to optimize working together in-person. By capturing data and space usage across multiple sources, we help customers make informed workplace resourcing and investment decisions–all while supporting the requirements of operating a secure, safe and fully compliant workplace. We power the places where people work best together.

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