Nov 14, 2023

Envoy introduces emergency notifications to streamline critical event response in the workplace

New data-based feature helps workplace leaders create safe, compliant workplaces as companies adopt different working models
Envoy introduces emergency notifications to streamline critical event response in the workplace

SAN FRANCISCO--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Envoy, the only integrated workplace platform that connects people, spaces, and data, today announced the addition of emergency notifications to ensure safe, compliant workplaces. Envoy customers of all sizes can now communicate with everyone across their global workplaces through text messages, push notifications, and emails in the event of an emergency.

Organizations are facing more stringent industry standards, government mandates, and compliance regulations when it comes to protecting the workplace. Failing to maintain a compliant workplace could put a company at risk of facing large fines and disruptions to their business. As part of the Envoy Workplace Platform, the new emergency notifications capability pulls from real-time workplace data so that leaders can send tailored messages to employees and visitors who are in the office when an emergency occurs.

"Employees may be expected to be working in the office one day and working from home or flying to another office the next day, and in-office visitors often have their own shifting schedules. Should an emergency happen on-site, you want everyone in the office to be safe and secure, not just the people traditionally 'assigned' to the office," said Larry Gadea, Founder and CEO at Envoy. “Given how complex this environment has become to navigate, particularly when you need to act urgently, we're excited to make this easier through the redundantly collected insights available as part of our workplace platform.”

Safeguarding people, property, and data in workplaces is growing in complexity as companies are becoming more dispersed and siloed. In a recent Envoy survey, 41% of respondents comprised of security, workplace, facilities, and IT managers say that safeguarding workplaces has become more difficult in the last 12 months. Over half of respondents say this is due to the number or severity of threats has increased, followed by hybrid work (47%) and the increase in co-working/shared spaces (44%).

With data being central to making informed workplace decisions, Envoy is continuing to innovate its integrated platform to provide workplace leaders with access to all the data generated in their workplaces. Today, Envoy is also introducing data-based attendance insights for proactive space management. Workplace leaders can now turn to the Envoy Workplace Platform for personalized insights on resource utilization. These insights identify patterns in how employees use office spaces based on historical attendance data. In turn, leaders can proactively refine the balance between dedicated and flexible workspaces, and assigned desks to make informed decisions about office layout and design. The platform is designed to help companies align their workspace design with the actual usage patterns of their employees, enabling them to be more agile in addressing the evolving needs of their business, whether that entails expanding or optimizing office real estate.

"We chose Envoy because it offers us unparalleled flexibility across all aspects of our business. Unlike other workplace platforms, Envoy is specifically designed to meet the needs of the new normal companies are facing,” said Alex Yeoman, security & real estate technology director at Match Group. “Its automated security workflows have streamlined our onsite management, ensuring that security policies are prioritized. The best part is that Envoy is incredibly user-friendly, making it accessible for our entire team.”

Every individual entering the workplace generates data of some kind – whether they are an employee or visitor coming into the office, using different office equipment or resources, or accessing certain information or company data. In fact, the Envoy survey revealed that 37% of security, workplace, facilities, and IT managers cite a lack of integrated solutions as a key contributor to security challenges in the workplace. Envoy unifies workplace data in a single dashboard – which allows leaders to seamlessly aggregate data and collect insights on their workplaces and helps them make quick and informed decisions to meet the changing needs of their business.

Emergency notifications and proactive space management insights are now available as part of the Envoy Workplace Platform.

For more insights on why companies should modernize their security and compliance to safeguarding workplaces, please read the Envoy Security Report and the Envoy Compliance Report.

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