May 17, 2023

Envoy Delivers First-of-its-Kind Workplace Occupancy Analytics to Empower Bold, Informed Decision-Making

Say goodbye to guesswork: Introducing Envoy Workplace, the fully-integrated solution for workplace planning and optimization with comprehensive workplace analytics
Envoy Delivers First-of-its-Kind Workplace Occupancy Analytics to Empower Bold, Informed Decision-Making

SAN FRANCISCO--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Today, Envoy introduced the industry’s first unified workplace occupancy analytics solution that captures data from multiple sources including door access scans, WiFi, and employee app sign-ins. By pulling information from these diverse sources passively and with redundancy, Envoy delivers the most accurate picture of what’s happening in the workplace, including which teams are onsite and how people are using their space across all locations globally.

This first-of-its-kind occupancy analytics is part of Envoy’s newest product offering: Envoy Workplace, also available today. Workplace is designed to solve the most persistent barriers to creating great workplaces—poor employee experience, fragmented data, and the high cost of operating inefficient hybrid workplaces. It is the only fully-integrated solution in the market that brings together everything needed to manage and optimize a workplace. Now, leaders with Envoy Workplace have access to unified analytics in addition to desking, meeting room booking, delivery management, mapping and more, all in one centralized place.

Rely on unified data to improve the workspace and bottom line

Envoy’s occupancy analytics delivers easily digestible, global views of team attendance and space utilization by location, allowing workplace leaders to make confident and informed cost-saving decisions. By identifying patterns of usage, leaders can anticipate workplace needs in advance, improve operational efficiency, and identify opportunities to consolidate space or trim real estate costs. Envoy’s reliable analytics removes the guesswork, biases, and labor-intensive work of data consolidation from workplace planning.

“We work in a hybrid environment where there is less consistency in attendance throughout the week. With so much variability, it’s difficult to know how to improve efficiency in order to save critical budget,” said Brooks Gooding, workplace experience program manager at Braze. “By seeing both a real time and historical view, we already know considerably more about how our spaces are used. This helps us make informed, and potentially cost-saving adjustments, when ordering food, scheduling events, or allocating space.”

“We want to give leaders the power to make bigger, bolder decisions about their company’s future. With the recent increasing shift to more in-office work, the world’s top companies are struggling to confidently report exactly how it’s going,” said Larry Gadea, Founder and CEO at Envoy. “This need for all-encompassing accuracy is what led us to build Envoy Workplace and advanced occupancy analytics. It collects data passively from various signals like door access systems, WiFi usage, and desk, meeting room, and event space check-ins. We do the heavy lifting to consolidate everything for easy consumption, cost forecasting, and policy planning. Company culture will be the defining factor of success, and we hope to help companies build a strong employee-focused and cost-conscious culture that will help them navigate these tough economic times.”

“In the future, expect even more from Envoy’s analytics, including benchmarking, move management capabilities, and workplace scenario planning,” Gadea added.

Introducing Envoy Workplace

The ability to consolidate information from various data streams and technology stacks, and then convert it into meaningful workplace insights is a real pain point for many workplace leaders.

Built on a flexible platform for simplified data analytics, Envoy Workplace solves the issue of disjointed experiences, fragmented data and distributed workplaces. Workplace sets up leaders for success by providing:

  • Connected and reliable workplace products. Simplify day-to-day operations with workplace tools built to work together, from hybrid work scheduling and delivery management, to meeting room and desk booking (permanent assignments and hoteling). Create an automated office that reserves desks automatically and releases or resizes meeting rooms based on attendance.
  • A better employee experience. Help people stay connected to their workplace, coordinate schedules, and reserve the spaces where they’ll be most productive with Envoy’s mobile app.
  • New meaningful analytics and reporting. Make analytics actionable with out-of-the-box reports that answer essential questions like: Which departments are coming in and how frequently? What percentage of desks and rooms are employees using? Do we need this satellite office?
  • New workplace capabilities. Spaces powered by Envoy Workplace will also include hybrid-aware automatic scheduling of desks, workplace ticketing to report issues, customizable office maps to easily find coworkers and other workplace resources like break rooms or printers, and the ability to send announcements directly through the Envoy app.

Interested in what your company can achieve with the power of Envoy Workplace? Learn more.

About Envoy

Envoy empowers over 16,000 workplaces and properties around the globe to redefine how their workplaces run. We connect people, spaces, and data in one seamlessly integrated workplace platform, providing a single solution to manage every aspect of any facility, anywhere. Companies of all sizes can deliver unrivaled employee and visitor experiences to optimize working together in-person. By capturing data and space usage across multiple sources, we help customers make informed workplace resourcing and investment decisions–all while supporting the requirements of operating a secure, safe and fully compliant workplace. We power the places where people work best together.

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