Sep 15, 2022

Envoy Acquires Worksphere to Accelerate Enterprise Development of Workplace Platform

Worksphere team will join Envoy to rework how big business manages workspaces at scale
Envoy Acquires Worksphere to Accelerate Enterprise Development of Workplace Platform

SAN FRANCISCO--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Envoy today announced the strategic acquisition of Worksphere, a workplace management platform. The team at Worksphere are experts at scaling technology for complex enterprises. They will be tasked with building a workplace platform to meet an increased demand from enterprises around the world. With this investment in talent and the platform, enterprises will continue to do more with Envoy and at scale.

This is Envoy’s second acquisition following a $111 million equity financing round in January that valued the company at $1.4B. Earlier this month, a team of engineers and designers from OfficeTogether joined Envoy to accelerate new ways of building for workspaces.

Building the enterprise-ready workplace platform

“We are strong believers that great experiences can exist in any industry. Facilities, physical security and property management products are no exception, but existing incumbents aren't spending the time to deliver solutions designed for usability," said Larry Gadea, Founder and CEO of Envoy. "The Worksphere team will be key in our ability to scale thoughtful design to highly-complex enterprises and bring industry-leading reliability and customizability to every product we build."

Envoy's workplace platform helps companies keep track of the nuanced logistics involved in operating hybrid workplaces. Workplace managers can feel confident security and compliance-related requirements are being met. The platform helps streamline processes that bring people together and improve the office experience. Workplace leaders also save time and money by having everything relevant to their location on one platform. This includes visitor check-in, desk and room booking, mailroom management, and real-time workplace analytics to make smart space decisions.

Interested in learning how CEO Larry Gadea decided to make the leap with Worksphere? Check out his blog post about the acquisition.

About Envoy

Envoy empowers over 16,000 workplaces and properties around the globe to redefine how their workplaces run. We connect people, spaces, and data in one seamlessly integrated workplace platform, providing a single solution to manage every aspect of any facility, anywhere. Companies of all sizes can deliver unrivaled employee and visitor experiences to optimize working together in-person. By capturing data and space usage across multiple sources, we help customers make informed workplace resourcing and investment decisions–all while supporting the requirements of operating a secure, safe and fully compliant workplace. We power the places where people work best together.

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