Preparing humanity for our future tech-driven workplace

Kate O’Neill, Founder and Chief Tech Humanist at KO Insights, and Matt Harris, Head of Workplace Technology at Envoy, discuss how technology is driving the future of the workplace. Watch a recording of their insightful conversation.

Kate teaches businesses how to make workplace technology that is better for humans and Matt works to create tech-driven workplaces that are fully optimized and personal. Get exclusive access to their chat.

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Kate O’Neill

Kate O’Neill is known as “The Tech Humanist”. In this role, she helps people prepare for an increasingly tech-driven future by teaching businesses how to make technology that’s better for humans. Among her prior achievements, she developed Toshiba America’s first intranet and was featured by Google in the launch of their global campaign for women in entrepreneurship.

Matt Harris

Matt Harris is the Head of Workplace Technology at Envoy. An engineer at heart, he uses iteration and feedback to make Envoy's workplaces work better for all employees and visitors. He brings a wide range of experience from software engineering, event production, and data systems to solve daily office challenges in creative ways.