Envoy + Swiftlane integration

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Enable secure, touchless access for every visitor with Swiftlane

Make visitor access simple and secure with Swiftlane’s touchless access control + Envoy integration. Authenticate Swiftlane from your Envoy integrations page in order to grant limited entry access to your visitors using Swiftlane. With an easy-to-navigate cloud-based admin dashboard, you can authorize access to visitors with just a few clicks. Visitors will receive an email with instructions on how to access the building by clicking the link or downloading the iOS or Android app.


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Automatically create visitor records in Swiftlane and see their activity.

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Visitor can unlock doors easily, using permalink on their phone (app installation is not needed). No badges, key cards, or security guards needed.

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Visitor access is revoked automatically after 8 hours or if visitor sign out is initiated from Envoy.